Monday , August 29 2016

Squarespace vs WordPress in 2016

squarespace vs wordpress, wordpress, squarespace

After writing my Squarespace review a few weeks ago, it seems that some people wondering whether to use Squarespace or just go for WordPress to create a new blog. Good question! I’ve been there too. But this is easy to explain. It all depends on your style and needs. Try …

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balanced scorecard CONCEPT AND PHASES

The balanced scorecard was released in the number of January – February 1992 issue of Harvard Business Review by authors Robert Kaplan and David Norton. It is a system of supervision and corporate control, whose main task is to monitor compliance with the objectives through performance indicators and help improve the performance of the company. It is also a …

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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Immutable Laws of Marketing

As a marketer I feel a certain pride to be able to present under the heading of two strategic marketing gurus, whose contributions not simple and logical have positioned themselves at the top of management . The so – called Twenty – two immutable laws of marketing that indicated below …

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