DMR Theory: 13 Structures of Dark Matter Rotation Theory

DMR Theory (Dark Matter Rotation Theory) is actually the chain of 13 sub theories called “13 structures” every structure have its own unique mechanism based on “Dark Matter Rotation” and through the combination of several structures DMR theory Explains the whole mechanism of Universe.

  • Dark Matter Rotation
  • Solar System
  • Galaxy Structure
  • Speed of Light
  • Black Hole Structure
  • Star Birth
  • Core definition
  • Atom Evolution
  • Atomic Clock
  • Gravity
  • Gravity Zones
  • Magnetic Field
  • Gravitational Lenses
In today’s post, I will give you short review about 13 structures of DMR theory if you want to read in detail please check this amazing book on DMR theory “The Undiscovered Universe of Dark Matter” written by Muhammad Ibrahim.

Short review of DMR Theory “13 Structures”

Dark Matter Rotation

This first structure describes: What is the concept of Dark Matter Rotation.

It is based on a very simple logic that, if we start rotating water at a specific point the water around that point will also start spinning up to a certain limit same as if we rotate air at a specific point the air around that specific point will also be revolved to some extent.

Considering already proven theories that space is not empty, there is dark matter, so on the bases of above concept, while Sun is rotating on its own axis, the dark matter around sun should also rotate.

Dark Matter Rotation

Solar system

This structure describes: What will be the impact of Dark Matter Rotation on all orbits in the solar system and how this rotation could grip the whole mechanism of the Solar system.

DMR Theory very thoroughly explains the whole mechanism of solar system e.g.

How Sun create DMR and how planets and moons also create their own DMR and rotate under this mechanism.

Logically explain that how and why planets and moons do not go out-in-up-or-down and keep rotating on a specific path.

How planets are getting the energy to rotate.

DMR Theory includes a very beautiful model for the Moons rotation around the planets, explains how moons rotates in undisturbed zone (without any interaction with SUN DMR)

Sun DMR cover area of more than 10 billion km.

Each planet orbiting in the area where planet speed match with sun DMR speed e.g. Earth orbiting velocity is 30 km/s and earth is orbiting where sun DMR speed is 30 km/s.

Solar system

Detailed theory includes around 60 sketches and estimated DMR calculation for each million k/m, from Sun up to 6000 million k/m.

Galaxy Structure

This structure describes: Under extreme conditions when the central force is Black Hole, how this Dark Matter Rotation could grip and control the whole mechanism of a Galaxy.

The Galaxy mechanism is not same like the solar system, orbital speeds of visible stars or gas are still increasing with the increase in distance from the galaxy’s center and to fill that mystery science have the theory of Dark Energy. But DMR Theory explains the Galaxy structure through a very logical and unique model using the same Dark Matter Rotation mechanism without dark energy concept.

This structure explains that like every star and planet the Black Hole also rotates on its own axis at very high speed.

In Dark Matter Rotation mechanism Galaxy works under a model like “Dark Matter Tornado”.

Galaxy Structure

DMR Theory include a very amazing Galaxy model which covers both areas, star with extremely high velocity near the black hole and stars and gases with gradually increasing velocity, whole mechanism works with very Simple laws of physics which are applicable on Upper and lower umbrella of DMR, while Galaxy exist in between these two upper and lower umbrellas.

DMR Based Galaxy Structure

DMR Theory Structure

A detailed explanation of structure includes 17-18 sketches and the estimated DMR speed from 1 light minute to 10,000 light minutes + short calculations from 10,000 light minutes up to 100,000 light years.

Speed of Light

This structure describes: that how logically Speed of light 100% depends on Dark Matter Rotation Zones. 

This structure explains that Speed of Light depends on Dark Matter Rotation Mechanism,

speed of light

As per DMR theory for a speed of light, in above picture dark matter rotation not only change the direction but also reduce the speed. It means that our know speed of light could be only for our zone (accordingly to DMR speed) and out of solar system speed of light could be little faster, beyond Galaxy could be faster, extremely faster after cluster and beyond super cluster could be more than a million km/s. And wise versa speed of Light could decrease less than 150,000 km/s while traveling towards Black Hole (high DMR zone).

This mechanism of a speed of light, at the one end it resolves the mystery of universe expansion more than the speed of light (know the speed of light) and on the other end, it resolves the mystery of Blackhole structure.

The speed of light increase when DMR speed decrease and speed of light decrease with the increase of DMR speed.

speed of light, DMR theory

Right near the black hole where DMR is extremely high, the DMR could increase around 200,000 km/s and speed of light could decrease down less than 150,000 km/s.

Dark Matter Rotation

Detailed theory includes 15-16 sketches and some prove for up-down of the speed of light e.g. definition of blinking stars, re-jointed images of Universe etc.

Black Hole Structure

A black hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter, radiation even light cannot escape. The gravity is so strong because the matter has been squeezed into a tiny space.

This structure describes: What is Black Hole structure and how it relates to Dark Matter Rotation and reduced Speed of Light mechanism.

As described earlier in Speed of Light Structure that speed of light increase when we go out of the solar system or galaxy or cluster and vise-versa when light travel toward the center of the galaxy the speed of light start decreasing with the increase of dark matter rotation speed.

Black hole Structure

So right near the black hole the dark matter rotation increased up to 197,000 km/s, light stuck inside the black hole, it built/increase heat, in result the inside of black hole must be extremely heated up.

As we know black hole suck dust and everything near to it, so when dust or other thing go inside, it melts down and become magma (lava) mix with inside already magma and that magma which is rotating at extremely high speed, it is like a big blender, everything goes inside and mixed.

Stars Birth

The speed of light structure explains that how light gripped by the black hole under high-speed dark matter rotation mechanism, but this structure describe that how logically the black hole inside magma which is rotating at very high speed could create and throw out the stars, it works like a blender e.g. if we put something in blender and start it, at very high rotation speed it through some inside portion (magma) outside.

Stars Birth

The scientist has already discovered some newborn young stars right near the black hole. Above picture of magma going out, are stars. In size, these stars could be like our sun or may be bigger. The dark matter which is rotating around the black hole at its maximum speed (e.g. 197000 km/s), it can move the light direction toward inside black hole or capture the light inside but have not enough power to stop star/magma to go outside. The stars which are going out at speed of e.g. 722 km/s (this speed described is detailed theory) easily go through the rotating dark matter, It’s just like that high speed rotating tornado which sucks everything inside but if you fire a bullet into the tornado, the bullet go through very easily because tornado don’t have enough power to stop or move well enough direction of bullet. In the same way, Stars come out from the black hole with 100 times more speed than the fired bullet.

Stars Birth DMR Theory


This structure explains that why Core of planets or stars still hot and alive over the billions of years:

Current explanation of core is:

There are three main sources of heat in the deep earth:

(1) Heat from when the planet formed and accreted, which has not yet been lost;

(2) Frictional heating, caused by denser core material sinking to the center of the planet; and

(3) Heat from the decay of radioactive elements.

But under DMR theory Core mechanism works with the combination of several structures and it is linked to object rotation speed on its own axis + the Atom changed behavior in the core, prove of the theory is linked with changed behavior of Atomic clock (fast or slow down) + Gravity zones/field on Earth.

Detailed theory is defined very comprehensively and includes 15-16 sketches.

Atom Evolution

DMR Theory, structure 8 explains that how logically and possibly Atom evolution process starts when nothing existed in the universe except the extremely cold and freezing Dark Matter. This structure presents a modified model of Atom, Modified Atomic Structure has all those characteristics which are proved through all experiment done in history to explore the atom but may need to redefine few of the experiment’s results and theories.

Structure 8 not only explain the atom evolution process, it also explain that how atom change its behavior in different circumstances e.g. how atom change his behavior in the core and keep the core hot, how atom change its behavior in different gravity zones (atomic clock runs slower or faster).

As per latest research, our universe is around 13.5 billion years old and researchers tell that at the time of universe creation few of elements were already exist, Hydrogen, helium & heat, and still we don’t know how hydrogen and helium created and from where the heat comes from.

If we suppose that what it could be when there were no hydrogen, helium, and heat, then logically without the presence of heat it should be extremely cold empty space and with the passage of time it should get colder and colder. The question is, then how it is possible that heat has taken birth in thousands or millions of minus temperature and how hydrogen and helium created itself, till now it is unsolved mystery, that’s why we start the evolution history from where we suppose that hydrogen, helium, and heat were already existed at the time of universe evolution.

Logically when there was no hydrogen, helium, and heat, it will be very extremely cold empty space under the thousands or millions of minus temperature.
As we know that space in not empty but there is dark matter, so this structure 8 explains that how it could logically possible that hydrogen and helium are created from the dark matter and how heat taken birth under thousands of minus temperature.

Atomic Evolution (Structure 8) (Wikipedia) is explained through around 48-50 images/pictures, every picture has its own strange and unique story. So look every picture very closely and try to get the hidden story behind every picture, because of the whole mechanism of our universe, directly or indirectly linked and strongly connected with atomic structure and its mechanism.

Atomic Clock

This structure is linked with Atomic modified structure and core structure, actually, this structure is used to prove the new modified atomic structure and to explain that how Core could still hot over the billions of years.

The mechanism of the Atomic clock (running faster or slower) 100% linked Atom changed behavior under Dark Matter rotation and Dark Matter pressure.


Gravity was discovered almost 350 years ago and very huge and comprehensive research work already available related to gravity. In DMR Theory the Gravity structure is based on DMR mechanism explained shortly but logically. Detailed theory mostly defined through sketches and includes around 22-23 sketches.

DMR Theory explains that how Dark Matter Rotation and Dark Matter pressure could work as Gravity which is applicable all over the Universe, a singular law for light particles and heavy mass, for the solar system, Galaxies and for the whole Universe.

DMR theory covers:

Complete and comprehensive mechanism of Gravity with logical explanations.

Reason of free fall acceleration.

Reason of different gravity zones on Earth.

How Dark Matter Pressure works for light particles and heavy mass.

How Dark Matter Pressure defines weight.

A logical explanation of high gravity pressure near space, why space shuttle faces high gravity pressure near space and why pressure suddenly drops.

22-23 sketches cover almost all major parts of gravity and give answers to 100s of questions.

Gravity Zones

Understanding of Gravity structure under Dark Matter Rotation mechanism is mandatory to understand the Earth Gravity Zones. This structure is linked with Shape of Surface + Dark Matter push down mechanism + Earth rotation on its own axis.

The combination of these 3 things defines the gravity zones, creation rules, and mechanics.

Magnetic Field

DMR Theory explains that Magnetic Field around any Planet or Star is actually the detectable high-speed rotation of Dark Mater, the appearance of the magnetic field depends on rotation speed on its own axis + orbital velocity and appearance could affect if another object is very closer.

Magnetic Field

Gravitational lens

The gravitational lens is already well defined, but DMR Theory explains that how dark matter rotation act as a gravitational lens.
As of above structure of the galaxy, dark matter rotation can change the direction of light and appear as a gravitational lens.

Gravitational lens

So in this way, most of the light which is shifted to the border, appears as a ring.

The dark matter rotation can also act/appear as a gravitational lens even when there is no shining object at the back side.
Gravitational lens DMR Theory

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