25 Latest Marketing Contributions

To get an overview of the exciting world of marketing, it achieved 25 milestones that will evolve over time i will list all of them in my articles for better understanding.


Neuromarketing, framed today in neuroeconomics, new scientific discipline that evaluates the decisions of subjects, provides information about mental processes that do not perceive consciously, which seem to assume about 85% of our decisions purchase, since most of them come subliminal stimuli mediated by any conventional technique can measure study. Thus, you can optimize traditional marketing strategies and thus improve techniques and advertising resources and help understand the relationship between the brain and consumer behavior, something that can not be achieved in another today so that is the most important challenge for the marketing of the century.


The coaching is a method of personal development that helps the individual to unleash their full potential by optimizing their effort and performance. So people get older, they know better and know how to make the best of their abilities. Therefore, coaching is a learning tool for businesses and professionals aimed at achieving the best results. It takes place in the following five phases:

  • Exposure of the problem. In the pediment, you throw the ball and instantly receive again. We could compare this sport with coaching . We address the issue that concerns the executive, ie, the problem is exposed and the first orientations are obtained: it specifies and delimits the concern, for later analysis.
  • Definition of the current scenario. Not all companies are equal; not all problems are to be solved predetermined patterns.We need to make a thorough study of the situation.
  • Strategic analysis. As is the case with companies, we must all act with a strategy. Knowing the possible areas of improvement is essential to raise the possible alternatives.
  • Alternative proposals. One of the main functions of coaching is to create alternatives to address the problem. Once played the “game of baseball” with our strategically interviewed and analyzed the situation and problems, the coach already has the information necessary to propose alternatives and possible solutions focus.
  • Action plan. The action plan will depend on the time devoted to the actions of coaching : if it is a business lunch or a workshop where he addressed achieve outline which way to go and how to do it; if we have several sessions, the action plan will be more thorough and comprehensive, emphasizing each step and point forward.

In short, the modus operandi following the coach is to make customer questions to be himself the question that what he is doing and how he is acting. This process of reflection will serve to find new alternatives and possibilities to improve results.

Elevator pitch

It is the presentation of a business, company or product to a buyer or investor potential in a short period. The idea came from a scenario of how to sell the business to a prospective buyer if you are in an elevator. We must be direct, concrete and convey passion to achieve it done in less than a minute.
We live in an instant society. We never know where and when we will have the opportunity to introduce our company or business, especially if we are looking for investment as these days occurs with some frequency to many entrepreneurs. In these circumstances, we never really know when and under what circumstances we could find a person interested in investing in our company.
For this reason it is extremely important to have a speech elevator pitch well structured and learned to catch the attention of the interlocutor in A few minutes. Here are some tips to structure a good elevator pitch :
Have it tested; able to answer the most obvious questions; the goal is not to sell, but to capture attention; not go into details;be brief; be consistent and above all demonstrate passion when we communicate our arguments.

Community manager

Term and activity with great prominence today. Confirms that businesses today must have internet and new technologies that will help us get to achieve the objectives. The figure of the community manager , that must have any kind of company, will collaborate to “manage, create and moderate the different social groups that may be interested a company / brand on the internet.” To do this you need to know to monitor topics of interest, generate valuable content, participate in forums and blogs, social networks communicate and collaborate in optimizing the search engine optimization (SEO).

Lateral thinking

My experience as a marketing professional it tells me every day that the market is more demanding and poses new challenges, so we must differentiate ourselves from others, start thinking laterally with new ideas and we should not mind making mistakes at first as these they are part of the culture of innovation. Marketing and communication are two areas where creativity takes a leading role and lateral thinking is a growing field in which to open new view in the search for new paths and horizons.

Social networks

Today social networks are the true protagonists to interact with other people and businesses. This can define as a dynamic and active exchange between individuals, groups or institutions within an open and evolving system involving different members with specific needs, to enhance their resources and gain prominence and positioning. The main currently are Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google, Facebook.


Today the company customers change with the speed of lightning. Given this, the only alternative is to convert them into the center of the company to retain and build loyalty, i.e., implement a CRM strategy. Although there are several technological tools that are part of CRM, there are two that acquire vital importance: data warehouse that integrates all internal and external information available client should be organized according to the needs of the company so that it can develop appropriate marketing strategies, and data mining , which allows to exploit the information contained in the data warehouse and obtain patterns of behavior between certain concepts of customer information.


Both at the level of recruitment and services, companies are seeing in this form of management a very profitable and highly competitive outing. Outsourcing of certain departments or business functions such as marketing, sales forces, consultancy, etc., seems to be the future. And it is that the important thing is to have a recognized brand. IKEA, a leading distributor of furniture and accessories company, is a good example of this, since it has a great design, price, brand image and a large chain of outlets, but does not manufacture any of the products it sells. That is, we must focus on the core business of the business.

Marketing Audit

A tool that can analyze and evaluate the programs and actions commercial and marketing a company and its adaptation to the environment and the current situation. In short, examines all departments of the company and detect opportunities and threats, or what is even more important, indicates areas of improvement on which act to increase the profitability of the company, prevent potential crises, addressing market fluctuations, or even leave quickly and victorious from an internal conflict. Experience suggests that the higher profitability is obtained if we act preventively. Hence the marketing audit should not be made in times of crisis but periodically and regularly, at least once a year, preventing future changes caught us off guard.


Both business professionals and customers must be able to adapt to new situations and adequately cope with change, not just those who have already arrived, but those who are still to come. Establish a precise route sheet business, to tell us where our company and where we want to take, will allow adequately develop the various processes in order to really achieve the objectives. For some years its use has become popular and we can say that it has become a reference for the successful completion of almost all types of projects.


A topic that has been much talk in recent years, however, I think it remains one of the unfinished business of the companies, since management and updating seems to be somewhat complex. However, companies must set itself the challenge not only to have, but knowing how to use their databases as they are a key intangible value. They must know how to properly segment have a database with more and better information as possible and always according to what state the law.

Marketing confrontation

A term that I have allowed minting and create to contribute my bit to the great dictionary of marketing. It was precisely when I heard Philip Kotler discuss marketing side, when I came to the conclusion that should give a name to a know – how or “know – how” I’ve been doing for some time. This technique is to identify the marketing strategy with a game of chess where the board is the market and our competition contrary chips. But do we really know who that competition? We must not forget that this is not always acquires the same way and that, like chess pieces, has to be moved differently. This is the marketing of confrontation, knowing all our plays plan strategically to beat our rivals, because if we acted impulsively would be playing a simple game of checkers. It is necessary to check the king to position ourselves successfully in the business world, struggling with our competition, examining with a magnifying glass every movement of the board, that is, our market, our field of action.

Sales teams

The sales teams have undergone a major transformation in recent years, however, it is now very difficult to find good business with the skills that businesses require. It has gone from the seller who dispatched and sometimes sold, the sales professional, with a university cultural training, it has become an advisor to the client, thus providing a great value. However, it is a career that, so far, is not assessed qualitatively since the vendor term is often under appreciated when their activity depends in many cases the viability of the company. Today a sales team should be sufficiently motivated, and this is where the training takes its greater role, since knowledge of the product should complement the different sales techniques and customer communication.


Who can imagine today without a personal computer or, more importantly, without a mobile phone? For although no longer remind us, 25 years ago they did not even exist in our lives. Innovation has become an essential tool to be competitive. Currently, the life cycle of products is shortened. If not, just take a look at the automotive industry, computers, telecommunications … evolving by leaps and bounds to compete strongly in the market. And, innovation must be in everyday culture, both in terms of product and service and management.

Distribution channels

Just over 25 years ago hypermarkets started to become big locomotives distribution, however, are now leisure centers who have taken them over. The distribution has evolved and has scored consumption patterns. Supermarkets and Internet have gained greater prominence while the traditional trade is still the big hurt to be losing weight at a rapid pace without doing hardly anything to keep him. Today, the customer has become the backbone of the distribution.

External communication

As already predicted in 1989, advertising is losing ground and is no longer the only valid to enter a message in the market option, giving way to a new , more imaginative stage: integrated communication, an essential in any company that wants to be well positioned in the market strategic tool. Through it we will bring to market the image that we want to have our company, to place in the minds of our customers a custom set of values that define us and provide distinctive identity to our brand, which will allow us position ourselves more competitively. There are many external communication tools available to the company: direct marketing, sponsorship, fairs, RR. PP., Corporate communication, etc.

Internal communication

Inform us by the media or by the market that our company is going through a major economic crisis, which has built a new director expansion out, which is going to take a cut template or rumor the company is undergoing a major process of merging, are everyday situations in the business world. And, although internal communication, which is directly addressed to the internal customer, ie the worker, has gained greater prominence within companies, still has a long way to go. Do not forget that motivate staff to sell the company, its philosophy, its products and services to the worker, it is the real asset of companies. We have moved from traditional bulletin board for news , Intranet and many other tools that create a continuous flow of essential information between the company and the worker.


Among the marketing strategies are increasingly taking a greater role lobbyists called lobbies trying to reach the different stakeholders of the companies or defend a certain legitimate interests and legally. Therefore, there may be as many lobbyists as interest. The European Union has established a voluntary registration under four headings: a first section for professional consultancies and law firms, acting in the institutions of the Union; a second to internal company departments and professional associations; one for NGOs and think tanks or also called think tanks, and the last for so -called “other bodies”.


The customer has become the cornerstone of business and the market, thus their loyalty is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Relationship marketing has become the main protagonist in the business environment as a strategy that not only helps us meet customers in depth, but to keep them . Who today does not use a loyalty card? But we must avoid the mistake of confusing a loyal customer with a captive customer, that we attract only through promotions.While the former is inevitably true to our brand, the second simply it is not; while the former will reward us with their trust, the second, sadly, he punishes us with indifference when the promotion ends.


It has become one of the best strategies to protect and enhance the heritage of companies. Every time the products are more similar to each other and is more difficult for consumers to distinguish its attributes. The brand, besides being the main product identifier, is a guarantee that gives a guarantee and places it on a higher plane, to build a true identity and emotional connection with consumers. Therefore, it has become over the years one of the main assets of companies.


Professional figure trendy right now, so people need to innovate and put on the market business projects that allow the country to grow and become more competitive. Let us not forget that innovation and entrepreneurship go hand inhand to create wealth and employment. But unfortunately still are a segment that does not receive the aid they should get for cale in the social and economic fabric of a vanguard country. Personally, I think it should be a compulsory subject in the pre -university studies.


Market developments over the last 10 years has led to a stage where “the essential is not, but seem so ” where what counts is what we call marketing of perceptions, ie what matters really is market perceives us, our company and our brand. We must therefore use all the tools that marketing provides us to position ourselves in the mind of the consumer to perceive us this positively and thus parallel position in the market more competitively. Do not forget that the products are made in factories and brands in our mind.


It has been the great revolution, which has forced us and we will continue to force adapt marketing strategy for businesses. Internet is presented as a whole in marketing as it helps us to know and research the market, it is a product or service you have to know how to manage companies, is becoming a great distribution channel, help us market our company and has Grand erected as a means of communication. Therefore, meets all the marketing variables although it is still a tool that has great potential. We dare to say that, today, the company is actively present on the Internet, it will hardly be competitive.

Mobile marketing

Defined as the activity dedicated to the creation and implementation of different marketing strategies through mobile, you have a great professional career, as the networks allow an ever faster access and terminals have more memory and capacity process. Businesses around the mobile grow exponentially within the communications sector and multiple developments will be created, since in the second decade of the century the mobile will be the marketing tool of choice.


The sale of goods and services through the Internet is currently experiencing a boom, as the customer sees in this type of service great advantages over traditional commerce. Companies have also seen huge benefits such as loyalty, distribution and customer information. Today, logistics and payment are areas that must evolve so that the sector continues with strong growth.

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