5G will be the future of Technology: Everything you need to know about 5G Technology

5G (5G technology) is not expected to come in market until 2020. The large number of companies are investing to prepare new wireless mobile standards. We will discuss 5G, its working and its effect on the coming wireless. 5G stands for fifth Generation and said to be the latest and updated mobile wireless standard which is based on the IEEE 802.11.


5G connection will be based on the ‘user experience, performance of system, improved services, business models and operations & management’ Said by Next generation mobile networks. 5G Wi-Fi connections said to be three times faster as compared to 4G.

Why 5G Technology?

why 5g technology

As the technology is evolving day by day. People want more speed to search data, download large files watch online videos, talk to their relatives on social sites they want uninterrupted services. More complex apps are being made as technology evolves. 5G is the latest upcoming technology which fulfills the demand of customers which are mentioned above. 5G enables users to use complex mobile apps more efficiently. It helps organizations to increase the productivity which depends on the internet.

5G brings evolution in every industry as people can download a movie on 10GPs in minutes. You can watch HD videos on live without interruption. Uploading a file also become less time consuming.

Advantages of 5G Technology

  • 5G will be faster as compared to 4G, increasing the higher productivity among all qualified devices with a download speed of 10,000 Mbps.
  • As 5G has a greater bandwidth which will ultimately provide faster downloading.
  • 5G enables large companies which have huge databases to reduce their search time in finding data.
  • Prices for the internet (4G, 3G) will reduce.
  • Large files can be download in few minutes.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

  • 5G will cost high to implement due to which 5G will be expensive as compared to 4G.
  • New mobile will have this feature to use 5G but older phone do not have this feature so to use 5G one has to buy a new mobile phone in which this feature exist.

5G Technology Future


5G is in under development, therefore, it not being used in any country. Many companies have start creating 5G products and places to test these products. Prominent advancement in 5G Technology is come by these companies Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Ericsson, and BT. Increasing number of companies building 5G partnership and spending money to continue research into 5G and its applications.

The main focus of Qualcomm and Samsung in hardware of 5G. Qualcomm creates modem and Samsung creates 5G router. Nokia and Erickson are both creating platform for 5G aimed which is intended at mobile carrier not consumer. The first platform is created by Ericson earlier this year and they are claiming to provide first 5G radio system. They (Ericson) began testing 5G in 2015. Nokia has launched “5G First”, a platform which provide an end-to-end 5G backing for mobile carriers.

5G will not be deployed until 2019 to 2020. It takes some time to set the environment and architecture which support it.

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