7 tips for your print advertising that help you to standout in CROWD

When it comes to graphic design applied to marketing and promotion strategies, it is important to remember that not all designers have the same skills, and marketing issues for any business, it is important to apply some rules or tips for designing all marketing materials have a better chance to achieve its objective, which is to put in the minds of the people, the business that promotes and induce the public to purchase.

Print Advertising

Also remember that when it comes to small businesses, there is a disadvantage against large advertising companies that exist everywhere. However, these tips will help us in advertisements, posters, postcards of presentation, etc. they can compete with big and not get lost in the crowd.

1. Avoid Saturation.

Too many elements in a small space can distract the viewer ‘s eye, using too many graphic elements can make very attractive postcard advertising, but as a marketing element can make it difficult for the receiver to pick up the main message, that’s why we always make sure that a balance between space and image, so that the eye of the receiver can read the most important messages.

This is particularly important when space is reduced, as in the case of business cards, flyers, advertising postcards, small leaflets, etc.

2. The sizing strategy.

Try to use large images, instead of very small elements that can be difficult to read, large pictures in a negative space, tend to draw more attention of the reader.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

The visual aspects tend to draw more attention than words. However, we must endeavor to maintain a balance between image and text used; care should be taken to use the image as a reinforcement of the message. If you’re going to combine the image with text, try to make something that looks catchy in first look don’t include too many images.

4. Easy reading.

Always ensures that your brochure, flyer or print advertising, have an accommodation that is easy to read, because what you want to accomplish is to read the important information contained in the marketing piece moreover, is very important to give out all text and send the message you want to spread among the spectators.

5. Using Fonts.

Be especially careful in the use of fonts and colors of text, using too high letters (uppercase), may seem a good idea sometimes. However, it must be taken to keep the text in due proportion, between high and low points.
We must also limit the use of fonts, shapes, and sizes, as this may give an impression of visual chaos, which would act to the detriment of your message.

6. The key

Keep information where it is easier to read and access for readers in any printed marketing element, is the key to such information to be remembered and to reach the goal of advertising material.

7. Be consistent

Again this applies to the entire layout of any printed marketing element, either postal advertising, magazine ads, business cards, posters, etc. Maintaining consistency across the area of your brochure, card or announcement, will make your advertising message easy to remember.

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