Advance starting points for marketing

In such a complex and competitive as the current market, with a desire to increase sales, an increasingly aggressive, constant technological innovations competition and all seasoned with a change of economic and social cycle, what makes the difference between success and failure is undoubtedly the marketing and sales policy followed by the company.

Do not forget that we are witnessing the birth of a new management model in the business world where all activity revolves around customer focus customer. This type of organization thinks and acts differently; your results depend directly on how they are perceived by the market. Therefore, this new management model requires people who understand the complexity of new trends and adopt habits and tools to compete successfully in the market.

The globalization of the economy is having many and varied effects on society, the way we live, consumption habits, family, environment, professional expectations … but above all is impacting widely on models to manage the companies. We are in a phase in which it must overcome the traditional model of companies to reach new one based on the global and horizontal integration of all business activities and whose central axis is the strategic vision of marketing.

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The market is having an important development not only for the role that the customer has purchased in recent times, but the presence of the Internet and new technologies in the economic world have raised the need to create a new strategic vision to date it is difficult to predict its ultimate scope and consequences. What we do need to be sure of is that we are facing comparable events in the history of the industrial revolution, the discovery of the wheel, etc.

Consumers have taken over production, as currently, they are the real architects of the interest of companies, leading to a radical change in the philosophy of marketing. Some authors have been saying in recent years, we started a new stage where end to traditional marketing we know point sets, and started a new career with the implementation of a new marketing because we are not in a time of change but a step change.

Reality tells us that the correct form of action in companies going through change and adapt the different variables and strategies to current market demands, as he has been who has actually acquired the right to claim a new way of doing both the company and public bodies, in which awareness of the importance of the consumer and the market is taken, worry may know him, understand him and so we can give the precise needs that express answers.

This requires understanding marketing as a global business concept where all other departments are imbued with their philosophy and know-how, it should not forget at any time that the real reason for the company is the satisfaction of the client, leading to success.

But to return to our starting point, we must be aware that the penetration of new technologies and the full integration into the digital age in all areas of the business organization are providing strategic marketing an important role as a common thread of all business information and core business to adapt products, processes, and sales to customer tastes and needs. Therefore we must strengthen the tools that help us capture talent and managing knowledge. Remember that the customer is not sold, it seduces.

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