Official Website for AMSAF Investment LLC

Amsaf Investment launches their official website ( in 2017.  If you are visiting that one is not an official website for  Amsaf investment LLC. Currently, is banned in UAE because of scamming allot of people in Dubai so please be aware official website for Amsaf investment is

Amsaf Investment

AMSAF Investment Expertise

The AMSAF in-house team is a small, appropriately qualified, highly experienced and focused group of individuals. We employ techniques and procedures focused on delivering our company Mission Statement and Objectives.

Robust cash flow models are run and appropriate Due Diligence is conducted for each individual investment appraisal decision. Rigorous Post Completion Reviews are carried out in order to verify investment returns and to hone future investment decisions. Cash resources and cash flow forecasts are continuously refreshed and updated to meet pipeline requirements.

Mature assets are churned when the optimal opportunity arises in order to realize capital gains. Gains/proceeds are reinvested into income generation and growth potential.

AMSAF Investment Values

  • INTEGRITY: We operate with professionalism and the highest standards of integrity at all times.
  • RESPECT: We value our stakeholder and advisor relationships and we observe the utmost respect for stakeholder privacy.
  • DILIGENCE: We conduct our business relationships with honor, integrity, dignity, and honesty.

AMSAF Investment Mission

To preserve and enhance the value of AMSAFInvestment LLC, for the benefit of current and future generations of the Principal Family, whilst protecting the Family reputation at all times.


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