Android Innovation Day: A tribute to the Spanish innovation

Difficult to believe, but ten years only 1 in 5 people worldwide ago had a mobile device. Today, half the world’s population has a mobile phone, and it is estimated that over the next four years will be 1,000 million more subscribers, which will involve an overall penetration rate of 60%. A revolution that never could have imagined.

Nor it was conceivable the number of applications and devices that Android app developers and manufacturers would create in the future, the day we introduced this operating system in 2008. Then, there was only a device, an operator, and a manufacturer. Currently, more than 400 partner manufacturers and more than 500 operators producing more than 4,000 different devices.

Today we celebrated the first Android Innovation Day in Europe, before 200 people in Campus Madrid with the aim of highlighting the great work they are making developers and manufacturers in Spain. We have seen how Android has become a container of talent that is driving the mobile revolution, connecting an entire ecosystem of users, entrepreneurs, developers and companies that put our country in a privileged position.

Android: A Virtuous Circle:

From wearables and televisions to telephones, automobiles, and tablets, Android has meant for many manufacturers reduce the cost of licensing an operating system of a third party or to build one from scratch. Examples such as we have today highlighted – BQ, LG, Sony, and HTC – demonstrate the richness of this innovative ecosystem.

This has a direct impact on users, who can now be found from the last great device to more affordable smartphones, of less than $ 100, increasingly powerful. The numbers prove it: the average price of a smartphone worldwide has decreased by 23% between 2012 and 2014 alone.

Android Innovation Day

This drive is also thanks to the work of many developers, startups, and companies all the world. Spain has the fifth Internet developer community Open more active in the world and about 80% built on Android. As have shown WePlan, Lazzus , Fluzo or Mementum , Android allows them access to a market unprecedented -an operative – Unlike other systems allows them to distribute their applications through the Web, social networks or various Android app stores worldwide.

When we launched Android was clear that we wanted to foster an open ecosystem, and is also aware of the change that this implied for the market we had known before. We believe that what we have now lived in Madrid Campus, through the testimony of developers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs confirms that we are on the right track.

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