What are the basic variables of marketing

The strategic marketing has nothing to do with the divining art and improvisation, but, on the contrary, is the result of logic, the method, and effort. It is not intended to determine the future, but to provide working tools to manage it. It does not eliminate the uncertainties but helps reduce them and live with them, positioning the company in a highly competitive situation.

Therefore, and based on a generic definition of marketing, we note that converge at least some variables that occur in any market economy:


  • Product. It is any tangible or intangible property that is put on the market to meet the needs of a particular customer. The good material called intangible product and service, hence the main distinguishing feature is the tangibility of the asset in question.
  • Market. In principle, we define the market as a physical or virtual place where buyers and sellers to attend a transaction. The complexity of the potential of the target, as well as the internet, so have segmented the market until the end of the one to one.
  • Need. The vaunted question whether the marketing Believe it or not needs does not preclude that this is an important basic variable marketing, pudi√©ndola defined as the feeling of common physical, physiological or psychological lack all the people that make up the market.
  • Perception. Considered a subsequent voluntary act of necessity, we can define as how the person expresses the will to meet this need, logically social, cultural and environmental factors are those that mark stimuli marketing to achieve them.
  • Demand. Some people interested in a certain product, service or brand. The activity developed by the marketing department should be aimed at bringing best-unlimited need in the market against limited the resources available to the consumer.
  • Offer. It is the set of goods or services that are geared to meet the demand detected on the market; it is sufficiently covered by companies.
  • New technologies. Well into the second decade of the century, Internet and mobile communications are mainly making significant changes in the market. The information provided by new technologies is producing a profound change in consumption habits and economic cycles.

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