Beat Earphones: Is My Beats Headphones Are Real?

Beats by Dr. Dre is a scope of earphones that was made as a team with the rapper and music maker Dr. Dre. These earphones are outstanding amongst other sound embellishments on the planet. The best quality sounds alongside inventive item configuration make this earphone a most loved among all age gatherings.

Are my Beats headphones are real

The high popularity of Beats has caused to increase the fake beats producers in the market. To spare yourself from being the proprietor of fake Headphones read this article about how to tell if Headphones are Fake.


  • Cost
  • Outside wrap
  • Box
  • Internal Packaging
  • Earphone


The cost is a vital standard through which you can recognize genuine Headphones from counterfeit Beats. Genuine headphones give one-of-a – kind listening background and are made of premium material making them worth their value extends. In any case, counterfeit beats utilize low-quality material and the sound quality is no place close to the genuine ones. Along these lines, counterfeit Beats are normally estimated at a much lower go then the genuine Beats.

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Outside wrap

While buying Headphones look at the outside psychologist wrap. On the off chance that the psychologist wrap is marginally free or wrapped amateurishly then you have a Fake Headphones in your grasp. Additionally, the fake one would have a more slender psychologist wrap which feels more like cellophane. Genuine Headphones are to a great degree all around wrapped in a tight and expert way.

Beats Box

On the container of genuine Headphones, the sticker expressing ‘Matte Black Finish’ is on the therapist wrap. Be that as it may, in the Fake Beats, this sticker is imprinted on the container which is inside the therapist wrap.In a genuine Beat headphones box, you will never locate any linguistic mistake and each word is dispersed equally. In any case, in counterfeit ones, a linguistic mistake is very normal.

Beats Box

Additionally, when you look at the picture of earphone on the front of your Beat Headphone box then you can see some noticeable distinction. The genuine Beat earphones box has a grayish shading earphone. In any case, the Fake one has a dim dark picture of the earphone.

Internal Packaging

On contrasting the splendid orange internal bundling you will find that in the genuine earphones when the orange fold covering the earphone is opened, it remains open. However, in the Fake beat earphones once this fold is opened it falls back. This is a direct result of poor material and outline of the Fake Headphones.

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On first look, counterfeit earphones and genuine earphones look very comparable. In any case, upon cautious perception, you will begin recognizing the distinction. The Fake ones, as a rule, have misalignment at the joint between the band and the cushion and the cement can be seen making a pitiful appearance. However, the genuine ones are exceptionally perfect.



  • Another distinction you can spot is the leatherette of the ear cushions. The Leatherettes of genuine ones are exceedingly finished while the Fake ones have an altogether different surface when contrasted with the genuine ones.
  • On the earphone lead of the genuine Beats, a serial number can be found close to the jack. This serial number is very little and well covered up. Be that as it may, in the Fake Beats there won’t be any indication of any serial number.
  • Presently you know how to spot counterfeit beats you can likewise figure out how to tell if a Louis Vuitton sack is Fake or even Ray Ban shades, the absolute most basic impersonations operating at a profit showcase.

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