The concept of strategic marketing

One of the most useful and important marketing features is to plan, quite guarantee of success, the future of our company yet based on the answers that we offer to the market demands, we have said that the environment in which we position ourselves constantly changing and evolving, the success of our company depends largely on our ability to adapt and anticipate these changes.

We must be able to understand to what extent and how future changes will experience the market will affect our company and establish the most suitable to make the most of our profit strategies.

strategic marketing

Therefore, strategic marketing seeks to meet current and future needs of our customers, find new market niches, identifying segments potential market, assess the potential and interest in these markets, guiding the company to pursue those opportunities and design an action plan or roadmap to achieve the desired objectives.

In this sense and motivated because companies now move in a highly competitive market requires, therefore, the continuous analysis of the different variables of the SWOT analysis, not only our company but also of competition in the market. In this context companies based on their resources and capabilities should make appropriate marketing strategies that enable them to adapt to that environment and gain the competitive advantage by providing differential values.

Thus, the strategic marketing is essential for the company to not only survive but in a prominent position in the minds of consumers place.

But the reality we believe indicates otherwise, as common sense seems to abound in large doses in the business world. Therefore we must not surprising that only 25% of strategic plans provided by companies are the They carried to fruition.

Successfully respond to the question, “Do we have a marketing strategy?” Seems to be that it is difficult because regardless of that not all companies would pose, it has the disadvantage of its implementation. Therefore, one of the biggest concerns of corporate strategists is to find the fastest and safest value creation path, it understood not only as a result that will benefit the shareholders of the company but as something able to meet and engage the different stakeholders in the market.

Consider that continues to act with the short-term mentality and think only, in short, is to ensure failure long. Success comes when we get a positive balance between successes and failures. The prestige is tilled by the successes and know-how in uncertain situations where smart marketing has to say much about the challenges that are being considered at this stage.

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