If you want to define, redefine or ratify, the mission, vision and values of your company, this is your post. It is guaranteed that companies have an explicit statement and shared (with both customers and employees) from its mission, vision and values best target their marketing and face optimally their unexpected, as both their managers and employees they know exactly who they are, who they want to be in the future and the values that have to get it .
 vision, mission, values
The mission defines what our work primarily or market activity also can be completed with reference to the public towards which is directed and uniqueness, special or differential factor by which develops its work or activity. To define the mission of our company will help us answer some of the following questions: What do we do ?, What is our business ?, to what we do ?, What is our reason for being ?, Who are our audience target ?, what is our geographical scope of action ?, what is our competitive advantage ?, what differentiates us from our competitors?
The vision defines the goals we want to achieve in the future. These goals must be realistic and achievable, since the proposal is an inspiring vision and motivating character. For the definition of the vision of our company will help us answer the following questions: What I want to achieve ?, where I want to be in the future ?, for whom ?, I will expand my area of operation?
The values are ethical principles on which the culture of our company is based, and allow us to create our patterns of behavior.
Let us not forget that the values are the personality of our company and can not become an expression of wishes of the leaders, but must reflect reality. It is advisable to draw more than 6-7 values , otherwise we will lose credibility. Answering the following questions will help us to define our corporate values: How are we ?, what do we believe?
If you want to see real practical examples, I leave links to  mission, vision and values of: Coca-Cola , Aena and Huawei.

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