Determinants of marketing

We could define the determinants of marketing as the factors and conditions that exist in the market and that can influence consumer behavior. His knowledge and analysis is essential because the condition in two fundamental ways:

  • It can be said that to achieve the objectives, the actions that will be developed and techniques to be employed must necessarily be different, to the extent that there are determinants.
  • It is unquestionable that the same techniques will give us different results in the market, depending on the existing determinants.

marketing with business graph and chart hand drawing on blackboard

This explains the fact that techniques that have proved effective in a given country, in particular circumstances for any company, offering sometimes mixed results, however they are adopted and implemented in other nations.

Trying to find out the possible causes of failure, when a proven technique fails to achieve its objectives, find these in judgments of people who have applied or variation of the determinants that influence in that country, particularly as title example the cultural element is a key determinant.

Another practical consequence of what was said before is the care with which must be made use of foreign techniques, whether from other people’s experiences as if they were learned in texts reflect other forms of marketing. The verb “adapt”, with all that means, it is much more appropriate in such circumstances than “adopt”. The number and importance of marketing determinants of subjective criteria may vary according to country and market.

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