Different types of marketing and Products vs Services

Although strategies and operational tools must be the same for both but adapted, we considered it appropriate to specify those characteristics that define the services because based on them the strategies to follow are marked.

The main difference lies in the intangibility of services because it can not be perceived by the senses: sight, touch … In any case, we include below the main distinguishing features:

  • The non-standardization of services, as it is almost impossible that two equal services repetition. On two trips of pleasure, it is very difficult for the same assessment of them repeat.
  • You can not prove, so not return if you do not like.
  • Inseparability, which means not being able to separate the service of those who perform well in cataract surgery must be present ophthalmologist who performs the service because production is linked to consumption.
  • Services can neither store or transport so neither exchange.
  • Services, in principle, are perishable and to be used for the time that was planned and no later. If the trial was at 12 am you can not see the case in the afternoon.
  • In services, the company is in direct contact with the customer, products, hardly given this fact.
  • The customer is involved in the production of services, not products. Take the example of a trip, our attitude on the same makes the result may be different.
  • Services are difficult to value, so in the submission of tenders may be large differences, mainly price.
  • Management services are more problematic than that of the product.

All these features mentioned here do not justify the use of a different consumer goods marketing, but they do require some strategies according to the service. Spain is becoming a major power in services marketing as competition from multinationals just does not diminish market power to set the price based on an activity where personal task takes on an important role.

Regardless of the country, either there is a consolidated market economy, the service sector will occupy a higher than production rate, hence it has found interesting bringing this article, as supplementary information, some of the latest trends in marketing services, because it would expose all subject of a new book: political marketing, banking, perceptions, sports, organizations, one to one, ecological, internet, etc.

Different Types of Marketing

Mobile marketing

I think we are one of the marketing tools that has a greater future and tour as mobile offers and offer endless profits. Today it is fully integrated into the consumer’s life, accompanies him everywhere and allows you to communicate, surf the Internet, take pictures, listen to music, check email or watch TV. But the possibilities are endless because it can interact with the customer at the right time, allowing him as perfectly in market research and opinion, make financial management, e-commerce, etc.

Market Marketing

The starting point of this ‘new marketing,’ belonging to marketing services, form the knowledge of the needs, interests, and positions of clients and investors. As product marketing, in the stock marketing is the applied mix of different variables of marketing.

But how the stock marketing is applied? The first is to understand the needs of investors and the market. Among these needs is the fact that investors need to know not only that the company has benefits, but why. Furthermore, we must consistently apply segmentation, determining the target audience and positioning the market penetration of the company.

But above all, the key is to keep investors, i.e., in loyalty. To do this, we must know precisely investor behavior. If companies can correctly apply these keys stock marketing, will gain economic benefits and increased its corporate image.

Viral Marketing

The company must be accustomed to living with this tool and especially with the prominence of web 3.0. We can define as Internet tool that allows the dissemination of a message, from a small emitter core, which is multiplied by the collaboration of broadcast receivers and generating a pyramid effect that grows geometrically.

Guerrilla Marketing

Or also called radical, it aims to break the traditional guidelines used in marketing. Instead of investing money in market research or costly advertising campaigns, they choose to approach customer segments in a direct way, creating personal and creative solutions to customer needs in a way not very conventional solutions. An example of this is in the Virgin campaigns, Harley Davidson, etc.

Relationship Marketing

It aims to create strong and successful relationships with customers. This relationship must be based on the buyer’s needs adapt to the supply of our product that should logically have quality, price, and services to set up an asset that does remain true to our company over time.

Internal Marketing

Every day has taken on greater prominence in the world of business and organizations so – called internal marketing that is the one that must necessarily take place within the company itself so that its internal customer or worker collaborate more efficiently on their profitability and productivity. You can hardly be competitive in the market if we do not manage talent and highly motivating way act with company employees. Let us not forget that businesses are what are its people.

Social Marketing

We could say that social marketing, also called cause-related marketing, is the dedication of financial or technical assistance activities and social protection resources, producing a gain medium and long term for the company and its environment. For example, in the external environment, linking to a social cause has a positive impact on the image of the company and supports marketing strategies contributing to the promotion of its products and customer loyalty. As regards the domestic side, important benefits related to human resources management, corporate culture, strengthening labor relations or employee motivation are also obtained.

But for that to be truly effective social marketing it is necessary to determine, first, what is the cause, which must be compatible with the activity of the company- and the most suitable to provide social aid organizations. Once you have determined this, we must develop a specific strategy to carry it out.

But here is not all. We must bear in mind that social marketing should not be a blip, something we do to get it is fashionable to follow the trend, but must be based on the genuine belief of the company that has a social responsibility to their community. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is encompassed in this section.

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