Effective marketing in 21st century

We are in the 21st century, and it seems that in our country develop an effective marketing policy is a normal and simple work, according to the times the word is used by companies and media; reality shows us otherwise implementing a dynamic marketing is a strong rejection in many companies, especially in certain important groups.


Despite these barriers to implementation, facts come to confirm that the market is no longer what it was, is changing and evolving very quickly, mainly due to the economic situation, the pressure of the different social forces, technological advances and globalization, which create new behaviors and challenges only from a marketing perspective find satisfactory answers.

The birthplace of marketing, mainly base their high competitiveness in the ongoing development of new effective marketing strategies, we are still questioning the usefulness of these, manipulate consumers, i.e., nothing in a nice wrapping paper and sell it dearly.

For a long time, I had to listen and read how easily and often unconscious, the benefits of effective marketing are critical, not knowing quite what was in question. There is a talk of “chicanery” of marketing without knowing its true and deep meaning. It is very easy to get into the “common sack” of marketing isolated actions of sales, advertising, and promotions and identify a strategic marketing plan and this gives rise to “easy feathers” in criticism be anxious to prove “how Lures marketing “without knowing what the real function of that to which they attack.

And we continue to advocate that everyone talks about marketing, but very few who know their true meaning and even fewer apply it professionally. Marketing is not to deceive, but to help; is not an expense, it is an activity to generate income; It is not a spell, but a series of working tools; It does not work miracles, but it sets the guidelines for a hard and conscientious work, etc.

As I said above, the dynamics of our life changes rapidly and therefore, needs and desires of people who, in many cases, have almost no time to stop and think about what they want or suits them. This growing trend forces us to give satisfactory answers to market demands answers at all times. Marketing strategists carefully analyze what the market needs and act accordingly, marking the foundation of a beneficial and successful relationship in the short, medium and long term.

Marketing has been in our country, to date, the great unknown; It has been used and manipulated but has rarely been implemented comprehensively and strategically. In the new millennium marketing, it has taken almost automatically the prominence of the situation and will do justice. It is the time of marketing strategists. The market demand and qualified professionals who, based on reality, know how to give satisfactory answers to the market and thus increase the profitability of companies by using effective marketing.

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