Evolution and Future of Marketing

Although his birth was in the early years of the last millennium,  we should focus in recent years to begin to perceive a significant advancements in business marketing.

Producing and selling were the main objectives of the strategies of 40-50 years. The level of success can be measured by market share had the company; today this term is being replaced by the “customer share”. This is a radical change in the marketing vision, because if the local market can not grow, the company must opt out at the international level or improve customer loyalty.

Moreover, the introduction of new technologies is transforming work in marketing departments, opening possibilities to predict a difficult time; all this drags us to give a strategic dimension of our activity thus greater influence on the decisions of top management is acquired. In this regard, Kotler recently said in a lecture that in these times there were two types of managers: the quick and the dead.

The challenge of marketing and the changes that occur are conditioned mainly by:

  • More training and consumer information complemented with a better level of income, so buying habits change and a customer decides on a product more for their added value for its own functionality, hence the role of the marketing of perceptions.
  • The evolution of social media, the role of internet and market segmentation makes mass advertising as before was configured give greater prominence to what since the beginning of the 80s come advising: integrated communication.
  • The sale of a product or service in isolation is no longer the focus of the company to focus more to take the long-term relationship customer, is called relationship marketing or loyalty.

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