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Fiction is content that may be Fiction novels, Fiction Movies, Fiction series or Fiction stories that may or may not be based on fact or reality. Fiction is an expression of a form where your imagination takes wing and you cannot be held back by reality or any of its monotonous tasks and strict norms.

Fiction is a quick and easy way to escape reality and take a break, gather enough courage and then dive into the real world to face your demons like you just faced that dragon.

Fiction for everyone

Fiction is not only observing the hunt for the dragon but becoming a part of it. Fiction writers are not shackled by history or fact but have the full capability to be indifferent to them.

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination” –Henry David Thorean

Without Fiction or imagination, no one would be able to invent new things, explore new possibilities and discover the mysteries that surround us.

 Fiction Benefits

These are the stories which usually start with once upon a time and end with a happily ever after. These types of stories instill faith, hope and happiness in a person’s mind. Children who are read these fiction stories don’t only become relatively positive adults that do good things but also researchers, inventors, discoverers and scientists. These Fiction stories not only teach lessons but make people believe that they are surrounded by a happy world which in turns make them happy and productive contributors to the society.

Fiction stories are also used to convey important life lessons to children in a fun and easily understandable way.

Benefits of Fiction


Is Fiction Real or Fake

Fiction is a figment of Imagination so yes Fiction is fake. It may or may not have any relation to reality. It is just mere thoughts and actions of non-existent characters sewn together in such a way to produce a story in a form of a book or any other format.

Fiction is not real

Types of Fiction

There are many types of fiction. The following are some types

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Children
  • Crime
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Mythology
  • Drama
  • Horror

And much more. It is just a matter of Imagination. Hybrid of these types also exist.

Whatever you can imagine you can achieve!

Imagine Fiction

Fiction Formats

Fiction exists in many forms. Primary form being in the heads of most people. Fiction can exist in:

  • Children story books
  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Writings
  • Films
  • Movies
  • Live performances
  • Animations
  • Plays
  • Video games
  • Role playing games
  • Novellas
  • Television Programs
  • Series
  • Narrative forms of literature
  • And much more. Fiction is a vast category in which much work has been done. As Fiction is the most common and used means of entertainment. You can be surrounded by butterflies and be above the clouds away from your problems resting. Fiction is the comfort.

Fiction Imagination

Fiction Writers

I personally think fiction writers are the riders of fate, designing the next phase of characters’ lives by the swift and graceful motion of their pens. To have such a mind to escape to is really a blessing. The different types of writers are the authors of all the formats in the above section.

I’ll share some of my favorite authors with you. J.K Rowling is the first author whose novels I ever read that made me want to read. Christopher Paolini and Paulo Coelho are fine writers. Jane Austen, Ally Condie, Kiera Cass, Stephen King, C. S Lewis, Arthur Canon Doyle, Roald Dahl, Nicholas Sparks, William Shakespeare and many more. They all are wonderful. Their stories will grab hold of you and take you on an adventure like you never had before. I would suggest reading their work.

Fiction Writers

Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Fiction is a mere figment of imagination whereas nonfiction is based on facts, reality or historical events. Nonfiction has to be backed up by facts for its credibility. If you cannot find any logical theory, hypothesis, law or rule behind content then it’s probably fiction. Fiction is just mere conjecture that bows to the whims of the writer.

Fiction or Fact

I hope you liked this piece on Fiction. Please give feedback for what my next piece should be on. Thank you.

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