Google Glass: Upcoming technology introduced by Google | Augmented Reality Based

Google glass: Google glass is the latest upcoming technology introducing Google Itself. As we all know that augmented reality is already in the market like simulated experiments and educational apps. Google is taking augmented reality in several steps high by introducing google glass. Using google glass you can do a lot of amazing things you do in your daily route through your phone.


Currently, the Explorer edition of it is available for developers with the price of $1500, many companies are trying it out and will build an affordable product for consumers. There are still many questions in your mind like does wearing it block vision? What are the features? What is new about it? We discuss these things with you.

Why google glass?

It is latest and fun gadget which you can use without using hands like if you are driving a car you can send a message through it. You can even take a picture and record video, get navigation or even search anything using this cool device using its voice recognition feature. You can do much more things with it like you do on your smartphone.

Why Google Glass

Google glass working and architecture

Google – Glass is like wearing a normal regular pair glasses. Except it has no lenses in both side it has an only small prism on the upper right corner there for it is asymmetric. it needs to connect with device or smartphone to work it does not work itself. it does not have cellular radio frequencies there for you cannot make calls directly.

Watching through google glass

Watching through it is like watching 25-inch screen from 8 feet away. The display quality is 640X360. But recording a video is high quality even if you take a picture it will be high quality. You can record 10sec video by the button which is on the top of right Temple.

Google glass features

  • Google – Glass can take picture
  • It can record good quality video
  • You can use google class to get directions like you use google map
  • You can also send message through it
  • You can call someone through it
  • Google glass also gives google search option

These are the limited features of it which you can use in Explorer edition of google glass. The final product will have more features like downloading some apps from app store e.g. YouTube, Yahoo etc. Google – glass is a creative product no other product like this ever made. Right now googleglass can be connected with IOS or Android.

How to navigate through google glass?

How to navigate through google glass

Google – Glass can be navigated by two ways. Firstly by activating it by voice recognition for this you have to say “okay, Glass”. This is the coolest and fun way and secondly by swiping and the taping trap pad.

Interaction for the swipe and traps on the track pad

  • Swipe forward
  • Swipe backward
  • Swipe down
  • Slight Tap

Using these simple interactive and creative methods you can control the whole device.

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