7 tips that will help you how to name your business

name your business

When we want to start a new company or business, these questions come in our mind that how to name your business some of them are listed below, I will provide you seven amazing tips that will help you to out to select the fictitious business name.


How to choose a good name for your company?

How to name your business?

How to trademark your business name?

When creating a new company one of the first steps it is to name, but not just any, must be a good name. It will not be definitive to make it success or failure, but certainly a decisive influence on the outcome.

In this article, I will propose seven tips that can help you choose the perfect name:

1. Before you start thinking about names

You must have well-defined these points:

– The mission and vision of your company, its definition.

– The catalog of products and services.

– The market you propose to arrive.

The great gurus on this subject say that the company name is almost as important as the products to market because this is the first thing you will see and the first thing they will remember.

2. Gather the team of your company

If it’s you alone who are about to launch the project, brings together family, friends, and colleagues to gather ideas. Select a good time with them without haste and throw proposal, after a brainstorming proposal. Make a note of everything, even the wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate ideas.

3. Think about what you want the name to convey

It is a fundamental part of the global identity of your business and should reflect something important about the team working on it and what they do. Try to saying your name; you know immediately what the business is and what it offers to customers. Create a list with all the requirements that the name of your company must meet. Later, you can compare with the ideas, to see if the name meets most requirements or not.

4. The name should sound good

Be sure to say it out loud many times. It is easy to pronounce and remember. He thinks that if you run advertising campaigns, your brand will be mentioned in videos, radio, television and conversations between people. You should make it easier for your potential customers find you on any medium you recommend among his knowledge.

5. Think long term when you name your business

Let take an example if your business becomes successful after you name it XYZ,  that name should allow you to expand to other markets in other countries. Choose a name that does not limit your future growth.

6. Verify that domain and brand are available

To save an upset, you should check whether the names that are in your mind are registered as an internet domain. You only have to perform a search on any domain registrar, for example, dondominio.com , hostalia.com or any other, be sure to register at least the .com domain.

To save future legal problems have to check whether the name is registered as a trademark or trade name by another company.

7. Choose either the claim or slogan

This is the phrase that accompanies the brand. It should be simple and descriptive. It has as much weight as the name and together should be an excellent letter of the company.

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