Hack This Page Google Chrome Extension is Safe To Use?

Hack this page is google chrome extension that is deleted by Google, so it looks “Hack This Page” is not safe because Google takes it down then there will be any reason behind it or Is it safe to use?

I will clear everything in this post just stay with me that’s why one of my friends ask me to write a post about hack this page google chrome extension whether to use it or not! We have done A/B testing on hack this page extension, and I found allot of vulnerabilities in their extension.

hack this page

So what is wrong with this extension, It will give access a backdoor from your browser, I will make everything clear for you!

When you download Hack This Page and install it in your browser after whenever you open your browser owner of this extension will get a live connection directly from your browser when he found someone is live he can install anything on your PC using your browser.

For Example if you have installed that extension on your Chrome browser, and after that he found someone is live he will run a command from his PC and then a small program will be installed on your PC that will give him access to watch your screen, download files from your PC, upload files from your PC  and the main thing is he can get access to all the password you have type in your PC.

So please if you have installed this extension remove it from your chrome and check your PC for RAT or any other backdoor and remove those from your PC too.

If you are looking for some alternatives, you can find some link bellow.

Download Page Edit Extension: Click Here
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  1. Nguyen Tung Anh says

    how to donwload

    1. Shahid Maqbool says

      Hi Tung!

      I will not recommend you do download google chrome hack this page extension why because it will give access to hacker to access your pc remotely rather then downloading that one you try to download bellow extension.



  2. Bob Sieger says

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. You haven’t provided any proof thus far. Show me the actual line of code that establishes this “ominous bacckdoor” and we’ll talk. Until then, keep preaching.

    1. Shahid says

      Hello Bob please check your email, thanks!

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