How Do Companies Use Social Media?

In today’s world, the major attention of people is towards Social Media. It is a huge industry and connection tool. Millions of social media accounts are made every day all around the world. When it comes to marketing for business purposes then this industry plays a vital role.

How Do Companies Use Social Media

As we can see that there are a number of pages on social media and ads also which are working for promotion purposes for a certain firm or an organization. This is because social media is filled up with traffic, there are very strong chances of better promotion of the business if it is properly advertised on the social media.

You can even pay popular celebrities of the social media who have a strong and huge connection with other people. In this way, a large number of people will pay attention towards your ad.

Brand Name Recognition

When you are able to differentiate between a company, clothes, or food by the logo or looks of a product, a company has successfully used brand recognition to their value. Brand recognition is created by making great products but also by making people see your logo or products to remember it in the future.

For example, many people will recognize the double golden arch or M ‘ as representing the McDonald’s franchise, or many car enthusiasts can recognize multiple manufacturer logos like Audi and Mercedes Benz. This recognition is gained in a huge part these days by promotion on social media. Companies post pictures of their food, handicrafts, or cars all over the place and people see these brands and logos every time.

Create a Community

Before social media, it was very difficult to get the attention of a big company let alone get a response or a sense that you’ve been heard. Social media removes this hindrance and makes it easy to present your company to the people online and without any hard task.

create a community

Companies create pages to represent themselves and bind together all the enthusiasts. Joining these pages and posting on them gives the user a sense of connection with the business in question, and will feel much more dedicated to the brand than before. Companies like Apple, Samsung, LG have created a very loyal base of customers through the use of a strong sense of community formed from advertisements online. These three tips are important for building a social community.

  • Find your Advocates
  • Host Social Conversations
  • Give back to fans


One of the more accurate ways companies use social media is the advertisement of products. This can be represented in a few different forms throughout social media.

  • A company’s social media page can just promote its products and brand name. This would be something like Adidas telling everyone that their products make the perfect sports clothing, which also establishes multiple ways to compete with other companies such as Puma or Babolat.
  • A social media page can also be used to highlight or promote new products that the company is trying to sell. How would you ever know about a new product if they didn’t somehow let you know, it now existed and is up for grabs?
  • Advertisements are also connected to social media by making deals with the specific social media, so this is a use that is not directly made from the companies’ own personal social media page.
  • It’s a way to bring more people to their website or store. They could post deals that are present on their website or present in stores, but either way, it’s a great way to get people interested and get them to discover more about the company.

Companies use social media a lot on daily basis, and it’s incredibly useful for them as well. Plus, there are a great enough variety of social media that they’re bound to reach everyone on at least one platform or another.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing can help with a number of goals, such as:

  1. Maximising website traffic.
  2. Making conversions.
  3. Raising brand awareness.
  4. Creating a brand identity and maintaining a positive brand association.
  5. Improving communication and interaction with key audiences.

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