Google Translate: how they translate 101 languages ​​in 10 years

Yes, it seems that time fly, because ten years ago that Google launch the big translator technology name as Google Translate. An anniversary that they have decided to hold the hand of a very special item, in which the best data and features of the tool are collected. Google Launch new translation app in 2016 really that make our life hell easier now after this launch translation from cell phones is allot easier and fast.

Thus, in its list range from concrete benefits and virtues of their service to information statistics , number of users, most common languages and many more that you can imagine and surely has aroused your curiosity. Do you want to know all the details? Well read.

In this way and one week after the translations of Purple Rain will increase up to 25.00% following the death of Prince, the bank takes the opportunity to look back and remind ourselves what has finally become his translator during this period weather.

Among the considerations most remarkable we were over the initial two languages to the current 103, a progress which is not bad and that has led, at the same time, its adoption by more than 500 million people. Those that use more (92%) are outside the United States but is in Brazil where most used tool.

The figure for the number of words translated daily through its platform is also interesting: nothing more and nothing less than 100 billion words. A not inconsiderable number of terms that also reflected the trends events and important events of the moment; why that song names, names like sneaking selfie.

The Mountain View also aims to improve its service through the Community of Translate. For now, it says up to 3.5 million people have carried out more than 90 million contributions they allowed them to improve and add new languages. Revisions, validations, and recommended translations are some of the most important contributions.

Apart from the mentioned points, Google has also lifted the advantages of this service “that has become essential for hundreds of millions” of users, and has made emphasis on the ability of Google Translate to put in contact people from disparate communities around the world, to a point “that would never have imagined.” In fact, the company has used links and specific videos to “prove” their full potential.

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