How to Care for Eyes in Summer

When summer comes, and the sun starts to be much stronger we worry too much about our skin, as the rays can cause damage. However, these rays can also hurt the eyes as well, although most people do not take it into account. Many people wear sunglasses to protect them, but this is not enough.

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To take care of our eyes, that’s why we propose a simple solution that how you can take care of your eyes in summer. We leave a list of tips for you to learn how to take care of the eyes in summer.

How to Care for Eyes in Summer


  • Always wear sunglasses: Although most people wear them, we remind you again that you should wear them at all times, especially when you expose yourself for several hours in the sun. Solar glasses should be bought from opticians, not from fashion stores.
  • Do not buy cheap sunglasses: Poor quality glasses can cost you less, but they can cause eye damage such as infections, so it is better to go with good quality glasses.
  • Blinks several times when you are on the beach: On a beach, there is always wind and it is common for the sand to enter the eyes so it is advisable to flash every few times to moisturize your eye and remove any dirt from your eyes.
  • Avoid contact lenses: It is not advisable to go to the beach or pool with contact lenses because sand or chlorine water can cause eye injury or greatly harm your eyes. In case of contact sports or something hitting your eye go urgently to the doctor for safe removal of contacts if you are unable to do so.
  • Wash your eyes: It is important that you always have a bottle of mineral water in your bag so you can rinse your eyes after leaving the pool or beach, to eliminate the chlorine, sand and salt water from the sea and this will also prevent the irritation. Never try to remove anything from your eye through your hands. This is the fishing syndrome. If you try to remove irritation from your eyes through your fingers then it can create more problems for you than it can solve. 🙂

This article is purely informative, in TapeDaily we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any diagnosis. It is better to visit a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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