IPhone 8: Introducing on Apple’s 10 Anniversary | IPhone 8 features and Design

iPhone 8: iPhone 8 expected to come in the month December. On the 10th Anniversary of Apple, it planned to celebrate this occasion by releasing a new model of Apple phone series which is iPhone 8. There are already rumors in the market that this model will have very impressive features. iPhone design is also said to be notably impressive.

Apple has tested more the 10 prototype design for iPhone8 which shows that this coming phone will have improved design and features as compared to previous iphone7 S plus. Iphone8 will be water resistant like iphone7 but this time it will further have improved ip68 water resistant rating.


iPhone 8 features and design

iPhone-8 expected to have face recognition system for unlocking it like we unlock iPhone 7 through Touch id in iPhone 8 this feature may be Built into the display or maybe it is entirely removed so to just focus on facial reorganization technique. It is also said that iPhone 8 will have physical home button removed and it may also not have bezels aside. iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge design.

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iPhone8 will have 5.8-inch display having 5.5inch usable area and rest is dedicated to the virtual button that will replace the exciting home button. The display of it also said to be flexible plastic OLED rather than LCD, which allows Apple to introduce a slimmer device which consumes less power and offers better display result having higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors. There are expectations that the front camera will have 3D selfie capability.

iPhone 8 Body

iPhone 8 Body

As concern for the body, apple is moving away from aluminum which is used in iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,7 and SE. This time for iPhone8 they are using glass body which is similar to the body they used for iPhone 4 According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the glass will be built around a polished stainless steel frame that’s similar in design to the Apple Watch.

iPhone 8 Specification

  • iPhone8 will have a 10-nanometer A11 chip which is faster and efficient.
  • iPhone – 8 will have wireless charging.
  • It will have a biometric addition like facial reorganization which will be used for the device security.
  • Front and back cameras have expected to have optical image stabilization.
  • iPhone 8 will have front camera 3D sensing capability.
  • iPhone 8 will be able to have advanced 3D facial reorganization features.
  • Apple is using the vertical rear camera for improved pictures.

iPhone 8 specification

Apple is expected to planning to position the OLED iPhone 8 as a ~5-inch “premium” model that will be sold alongside with the standard 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models with the traditional LCD screen. The iPhone8 is expected to cost $1000, which seems to be a good deal as compared to previous iPhone which is expensive.

The iPhone8 and its related device said to come in limited colors silver, black, and gold. People will have it in 2018 because in 2017 only limited number of iPhone will be available.

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