Step by Step guide for Kroger HR Express

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Today, I will teach you how you can use Kroger HR Express or Kroger Express HR application. Please keep in mind ExpressHR Application is only for authorized company employees.

Let’s start first, you need two things Enterprise User ID and Password, you can also read my post about Kroger feedback.

Enterprise User ID

You have to provide them your EUID means Enterprise User ID if you want to login into HR Express. Your EUID is same that you use for our company systems. If you still don’t have an idea about your EUID then please contact Manager so that he can help you or contact information security.

One more thing that EUID are not case sensitives so you can enter your Enterprise User ID in lowercase or uppercase.


Please use the same password that is associated with your EUID, keep in mind password is case sensitive.

If you forget your password or don’t know how to reset it I will also cover that in this post but first, let’s start how you can use Kroger HR Express.

Steps To Login to Your Kroger HR Express

  • Go to their login page: HRExpress
  • Once you have opened their login page it will look like given picture bellow.

kroger hr express

  • After when you make sure you have landed on the same page that will look like in above image provide them your Enterprise user id and your password that is associated with your EUID.
  • Then click on I Agree and you are good to go 🙂

If you don’t know your password or forget it then I will also share with you how you can reset your password in this post follow bellow step to reset your Kroger express hr password.

  •  Go to Kroger express hr password reset page: Reset Your Password
  • Once page it loaded please make sure that page looks same in given picture bellow

kroger express hr

  • After when the page is loaded then provide your Enterprise User ID.
  • After when you provide your EUID then click on continue and follow step on screen 🙂

I hope I have clear everything in this post if you still need any help then you can send me a message or contact your manager.

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