Whale and boat

Tourist calls 911 after spotting whales while boating in Washington, goes viral

Though one of the family members welcomes the whales, tensions soon rise among them as the whales start swimming nearer towards and even underneath the boat.

Viral Video film of one family’s sailing outing in Washington state has circulated around the web via social media. The video demonstrates three humpback whales near their boat. One frightened family member insanely dials 911.

humpback whales
Sources: foxnews.com

Insider reports that on 29 September, the Lucianna family was cruising on Puget Sound when Darren started taping the huge ocean animals moving toward their watercraft.

Darren welcomes the whales and voices wonderment on seeing the mind-blowing animals very close.

“Oh my god, it’s going right underneath us you guys,” a lady worries.

“We’re going to die,” someone else agrees.

“Look at this guys, you’ll never see this again,” Darren smoothly counters as he encourages the group to “relax.” “Oh my gosh, this is amazing,” he continues.

“We’re going to die”

One of the ladies was not all convinced. She continued to ring 911, Time reports.

Woman calls the 911 on a humpback whale

Posted by Perk Love on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

As soon as police picked up her call, she stated;

“I’m on Puget Sound and there are three gray whales right underneath our boat and I’m afraid that we might get flipped over. I’m really scared.”

she says in the clasp, which has now apparently erased from Facebook.

Someone on the boat was crying turn on the motor dad, please Dad we will die. After turning the motor on, the Lucianna family continued to stream away, completely amazed at what they just saw.

In the days since, the video has gone genuinely popular on Facebook, piling on a large number of views on Facebook as well as Twitter.

A few users ridiculed the hysterics. While others voiced disappointment with the family’s decision of turning the vessel’s engine on so near the whales.

Other commenters supported Darren’s interest of the whales. Still, others bemoaned his family for not enjoying the extraordinary minute.

Though someone said:

“My man needs another family.”

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