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MCDVoice Survey

The whole thing you want to know about the McDonald’s customer satisfaction Survey, or McdVoice, as it’s far most commonly known.
As a massively new feature, McDonalds have released a brand new website name, which individual feature is to offer a survey for McDonald’s customers.
McDonald’s now inspires restaurant visitors to fill out the McDonald’s consumer pleasure survey at to be able to get rapid remarks.
Rapid comments is specifically energetic while changes have been made to the menu, new products had been introduced and during promotional campaigns.

What do i get for filling out a McDVoice Survey at

Time is valuable to everyone, so in order to bring customers to spend 5 minutes on their feedback survey, McDonald’s offers some free extras for those who do.

Depending on the current McDonald’s promotions, a common price or incentive for filling out the survey is a token for a free Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with cheese or Egg McGuffin sandwich with any purchase or a Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Big Mac token.

Sometimes the token will be for a free drink and fries, when you buy any burger (Make it a Meal).

McDonald’s also promotes survey lottery with a price every week or every month. Customers can have their name entered in a drawing for a prize of between  $100 to $1000.

This token expires 30 days after your receipt date, so you have 30 days from the date of your first go to to finish the pleasure survey and exchange the token.

The token is valid at all contributing U.S. McDonald’s, so you don’t have to return to the same McDonald’s where you made your original purchase in order to exchange the offer.

McDonald’s Survey Requirements at

You must meet these requirements to fill out the survey and receive a prize:

  • Customers may take a maximum of five surveys per month per restaurant.
  • Lottery/survey participants must be a legal residence of the United States or Canada.
  • You must be 15 or older to enter the lottery, but minors must  have their parent collect the prize for them.
  • Survey participants must have a valid McDonald’s receipt from the last 7 days.
  • Participants must NOT have worked at McDonald’s in the past year, be a current employee, be related to an employee (immediate relation), or live with an employee.

So How Exactly Do I Complete The Survey?

That would be the important question to answer, wouldn’t it? After all, you can’t fill out the survey if you don’t know how to.

First, what you’ll need is a computer, laptop, or other cell tool including a phone or tablet.

You also will want a receipt out of your McDonald’s visit, which invites you to take the survey. We’ll get to why that is important in a moment.

Next, go to the survey website at From here, you will be asked to choose which language you wish to take the survey in, making it easier for you to complete.

The next element is in which your receipt is available in: you’ll want to fill in diverse records off of your receipt start your survey.

This includes entering your local restaurant’s store number, the KS number off of your receipt, the date and time of your visit, what you ordered, and how much you spent on your order.

The last thing you will then have to do before continuing is to confirm that your age is over 13, and you will be ready to go!

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