Everything you need to know about Industrial Marketing

To bring the reader to this fascinating term that Spain will be enhanced to be more competitive, I have chosen to reflect the view that emitted us the doctor in industrial marketing and professor at the School of Engineering of Bilbao, Don Jesus M. Fernandez Acebes, after completing a research project on this sector.

The reality, today, the industrial marketing is that the company does not see the customer rather than as proportioning income, even when more investments in market research, programs, misnamed, loyalty and models of customer management is in progress. Still, the “what” and “how to” remain the centers continue hogging all the value, leaving aside the “from where it is.”

The result of this reality is, at best, low loyalty and satisfaction that exists in this market, which shows a totally volatile client.

And it is still identifying repeat (reasoned interest) faithfully (feeling of confidence), leading to focus on what is given and not on who is given. It has not yet been integrated it done what you do, tell yourself what you say and be given what is given, what finally reaches the customer, and what’s left is what you feel. This is the reason why 90% of those interviewed professionals do not have quantified the benefits of a loyal customer, and 89% have calculated if it costs more, less or equal to capture a new customer or keep an existing one.

It is necessary that a catharsis occurs in professional to take you to feel, which occurs in the heart, not the logical conviction, which takes place in the mind, the reason for being in the market is to make the customer happy that the sale is not the end but the consequence of that happiness and should be developed emotionally. Only when this is a reality, it will vibrate in the same length of an emotional wave of the client and be able to manage feelings, which will result in practice in a relationship based on two facts: “I win, you win,” ” you lose, I lose. “

For this, it is necessary first awakening of emotional anesthesia in which submerged the professional, second, meet real customer today and become aware of it and, thirdly, be clear about the concept of loyalty.

Only when this occurs, the professional will connect emotionally with the user, we will do create expectations and will arise to the interest going to make you buy. You will know hit him emotionally and thus the customer and will live an experience that exceeds their expectations, resulting in repetition. And it will get, demonstrating in every interaction that is trustworthy, be believable emotionally, leading the customer to support a premium price, to recommend to their colleagues and defend him before the minimum disqualification, the three characteristics of a loyal customer authentic.

Today, being good at what you do is essential to be in the market, but if it is not what the client believes it should be, the expiration date is set. And so, as a result of all these years in constant contact with him, it has managed to define the pyramid perceived value of this type of user:

industrial marketing 

It is a pyramid which the user scrolls through to the extent that he is satisfied in step. Immediately below some step fails to satisfy the user down to that step and stay there until you feel that your expectations are met, in which case, restart the promotion.

The ascent begins with the price. The first thing you are looking for the user is that the price of the machine fits their chances, only if that is true is when you climb the rung of the machine. By this step, you will choose the model that best fits the work you have to do and brands which have a good image. Once the election will take the top step. This is where analyzes how to give a solution when you have a problem. It is an analysis that makes prestigious brands are discarded. You can be assured more be served when there is a problem that the mark ‘stratospheric’ which has always dreamed of. Once the provider was chosen, it is when it rises, finally, the fourth step. If the chosen supplier meets you at this stage, chances are it will be for life, if not, we will continue to choose, but you will not be faithful. The service makes the user choose a supplier; customer service makes you faithful.

Only industrial marketing professional will know to be on that top step, where everything is subtle, intangible, subjective, but where the user perceives the true differentiation.

It has already been seen that only industrial marketing can be a reality if, first, there is a real concern, by the director general, implement what is defended theoretically and if, second, professionals have integrated it it means a customer.

Experience shows that the revolution that involves the introduction of industrial marketing in a company is only possible if the CEO leads the drives. Instead, professionals come to have this time is a matter of mentality. They will be one or the other, will be more or less soon, but in the end, the company will have an effective policy of demand management model.

The implementation process of industrial marketing that is described below, despite making every day better machines, have a price freeze symptoms and give a sales service excellence bounds near, it is becoming more difficult to get profitable customers and that these remain for ever has stopped, has analyzed and has concluded that one thing is to compete and win another.

The process has three stages, which have different lengths as existing in the company:

The first stage corresponds to research. This stage relies on the tripod comprising:

  • The variables that make up the pyramid user value.
  • The positioning map.
  • The strengths and weaknesses.

The second stage is the instrumental. It is the stage of defining the tools necessary to manage. Although talk of working tools is always the world which then allows handily exposed perform, measure and evaluates the management and makes a timely and thorough monitoring of the same. These tools are:

  • operational profile of the customer.
  • Customer segmentation.
  • referential panel.
  • Panel sales.
  • Qualitative assessment panel.
  • Market Observatory.

And the third stage, and last is operating, the key to any process. It is the stage of truth. If not successful, the process makes little sense. Is defined on the one hand, what is there to do? And how to do it? And secondly, who it does? Which is done through the respective answers. What to do ?: “closer to the customer.” How to do it ?: “From Friendship” (the union of these two answers is the definition of closing ). Who does ?: “A professional who truly feels that” the customer is king “and with great service capacity and an important empathy” (definition of closer ).

This is the process. If there are determination, patience, and pedagogy, industrial marketing will be a reality in the company, and only then, yes there will be many chances for customers to stay forever.

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