Onkho: Productivity Software For Accountancy Firms

 Great productivity software onkho is for accountancy firms that was created by accountants in practice.

We know that managing workload and ensuring all deadlines are met is a constant juggling act. We know that managing ad-hoc client requests and dealing with them efficiently is a challenge. And we know that keeping clients in the loop and up to date can sometimes be a near impossibility.

Onkho is innovative and the new platform for accountancy firms who have less than 300 clients and no more than 20 people in the team.

Onkho is powered by Smart Services that will manage your deadline and keep your clients in a loop day by day. Smart Services make it easy to connect all of your existing processes, manage deadlines and plan when jobs need to be done, allowing you to effectively communicate with customers without changing the way you work.

Onkho will help to delight and retain your clients.


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