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The Scentsy workstation log in portal basically helps you to manage your Scentsy business to track your sales, commission payout, team, group sales and much more. The best part is workstation Scentsy provides you full access to all tools that are primary need of any consultant. In simple words Scentsy Workstation helps you in business management so that you can control your orders.

 Workstation Scentsy

The Scentsy workstation is really very easy to use for every consultant who wants to manage his orders or we can say to manage his business. You know log in process for workstation portal is very simple with just some simple clicks you get access to your panel, from there you can manage everything.

Till now, if you have not used their workstation then this post will guide you in the right way, just stay with me, I will make everything easy and simple for you!

Scentsy Workstation Log In Instructions

When you want to access Scentsy log in page you have to get two things one is your consultant id and the second one is your password.

Moreover, you need an active internet connection and use your PC or laptop or even you can use your mobile phone to access the log in page. When you have everything ready you can just follow my steps that are given below.

You have to visit any one of these pages to get access to their log in page, Links are and you can click on any link they will take you to the log in page of Scentsy. To make sure that you open the right page I have added the screenshot of their log in page in this guide.

Scentsy workstation login potal

    • Presently type in your Consultant ID and password in their particular content boxes (Check whether they are entered right and your Caps Lock is not on accidentally)
    • Presently Click the Sign In Button

Having Password Problems?

  • If you Face above highlighted Problem then check your Consulted ID and Password.

If still not working then do the steps below:

  • If you Forgot Password then Click on ‘I Forgot my Password’.
  • The password is your primary need to complete the login process, you will not be able to log in if you forget your password, so if you want to manage your business and you forget your password I will tell you how you can reset your password just follow steps that are given below.


  • Type in the email address you gave before that is related with your Scentsy Workstation account
  • Subsequent to entering the email address click pink button which says “Continue”
  • Check the inbox of your email account. Scentsy will have sent you an email in regards to your password recovery. Simply take after the straightforward guidelines that have been sent to you. To confirm, you should click a connection, opening another tab or window and after that enter your new password, click the reset catch and voila your watchword is reset.
  • Presently you can easily access Your account on Scentsy workstation by taking after the straightforward steps said above with your new password. Note down this password where you can trust and will not forget
  • Open the given page to reset your password:

ScentsyPay Login Guide

The ScentsyPay is as same like the workstation that offers by Scentsy so, I will also explain to you how to login to your Scentsy pay account if you don’t do that before just follow given steps below and then you are good to go…

  • If you have workstation page open then you can access pay portal from there. You just have to scroll down and you can find link in footer of that page.
  • But for your easiness, I will provide you direct link for Scentsy pay. You have to click on this link to open pay portal: Link –
  • Same as you did before you have to provide two things one is your Consultant Id and the second one is your password to access your account.
  • When you fill out both ConsultantID and password field then click on sign In button and you are all done if there is any issue you can contact their support or reset your password I have also provide details how you can reset your password just check above section.

Scentsy Account Activation

Why I have added this section is because when you want to access your Scentsy pay portal then you have to activate your account. In this section I will let you know how you can activate your account, just follow steps that are given below:

  • Once again you have to open your Scentsy pay portal page you can find the link in above section where I tell you, how you can log in to your pay portal account.
  • When you are trying to sign in there is one more button name as activate account you have to click on it.
  • Keep in mind for activation process you need any one of these details, you can provide them your Scentsy card number or you can provide them your consultant ID and you can also provide them your email address. If you have to select the first option then you have to provide them 16 digits or your Scentsy card number. If you go with the second option that you have to give them your email that is listed with your consultant account. If you go with the third option that you have to provide them your consultant ID.
  • When you have successfully provided them any one of above mention details then you have to click on continue button.
  • You have to follow all steps carefully. You can find details on your page when you click on to continue. What you have to do next will be told in easy steps.
  • When your account is activated you can log in to your Scentsy pay portal without any issue.

Why Scentsy

Scentsy is one the most successfully developing social affair arrange organizations in Canada, America, Austria, Mexico,  France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom (England) and it’s really a business that promotes you expressing yourself and use your own unique skills and abilities to build up your own unique business.

If you are absolutely seriously interested in earning or upgrading a complete time income and also have interest for candle lights – we encourage you to visit Scentsy and begin your quest to find out that Scentsy is a company that best fits you.

 We are actually pleased with the Scentsy Home Based Business Opportunity as a result of successful history of producing business people who are earning a complete time income with their particular small business.

Scentsy Wickless Candles

Scentsy Wickless CandlesFounded in 2004 Scentsy offers wickless candle lights as safe alternatives to getting rid of traditional wicked candle. Consultants market candlestick bars, candle bricks, electric candle warmers, nightlight warmers, diffusers, essential natural oils, room sprays and car candle lights (air fresheners), laundry health care, bath tubs and scented kids items.

With Scentsy, you’ll be an independent business person that gets the flexibility to create your own time, determine the quantity of your own commission payment, and earn fantastic rewards for achievements. You should have the possibility to earn over 30% on personal sales, and receive management bonuses as high as 9% of the complete down line volume of the people you recruit and educate to market Scentsy products. Being truly a Scentsy Advisor or Expert is an individually, and professionally, satisfying experience.

 Benefits of starting a candle business as a Scentsy Consultant:

  • Sell a reasonable, consumable item
  • Initial 20% commission goes up to 25% after starting $1000 in sales
  • Web webpage/store and client newsletter accessible for $10/month
  • Additional rewards and profit for group deals


  • Scentsy RequirementsPurchase a $99 starter unit ($119 in Canada)
  • To remain a Scentsy Fragrance Consultant, a Consultant needs at least 200 focuses in PRV in no less than one calendar month inside a bordering three-month time frame.

For just $99 US/$119 CAD/$1,799 (MXN), Scentsy will send you a Starter Kit that incorporates all that you have to maintain your Scentsy business-and everything fits helpfully in one shopping pack.

Scentsy FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Scentsy FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)Regardless of whether you’re thinking about beginning a Scentsy business or in the event that you’ve effectively chosen to hop in and are now full of questions, realize that having questions is a decent sign. Again and again Scentsy specialists fear looking stupid or asking a silly question. I consider making questions an indication of insight since it demonstrates you have a desire and willingness to succeed in your new business. I’d be stressed on the off chance that you didn’t have any inquiries. The following are ten as often as possible made inquiries that I tend to see again and again from inquiring new Scentsy Wickless Consultants:

Q 1: How much does it cost to get started?

Ans. In the United States its $99 plus tax & delivery to order your Starter Kit. In Canada it’s $119

Q 2: What does the Starter Kit include?

Ans. You need to do your first Scent Event. Contents differ but the value stays in the same order. You could get something along the lines of: order procedures, invitations, blank cards, catalogs, a heater,  scent pack, candle bar, scent circle, room spray, host wrappers, start-up guide, training DVD, buy/host/join flyers, light bulbs & 1 set of full size party testers.

Q 3:How much do I have to sell to stay a consultant?

stay a Scentsy consultantAns. In order for your account to remain qualified to retain down line, you must generate 200 points or more in PRV in at least in one month within a three-calendar-month period.  For example, if your PRV for the month of April is 200 or more, you will be eligible to retain down line for the next three months; July, August and September. If your PRV sums are 200 or more in September, your account will remain eligible to retain down line for October, November and December.  If the required 200 in PRV is not happened in any one of the months within the three-month period your account will be eliminated on the 1st day of the following month.

Q 4:How much money can I make?

Ans. You can earn 20-39% on your own sales & leadership advantages of up to 9% of the entire down line capacity of the people you employee & train to sell Scentsy foodstuffs.

Q 5:How long has Scentsy been around? What is the growth potential?

Ans. Scentsy was started in 2004. The quality products are second to none. They provide a safe substitute to burning candles so they demand to a wide customer base. Because the products are replaceable, they also prompt reorders. The company has qualified incredible growth as this perception has taken off. Signing up today is beneficial for you because the company is still new & rising quickly.

Q 6:Do I have to buy a lot of record & keep it stocked to do parties?

Ans. No. You order the products on your consultant work-space when customers demand from you.

Q 7:How do I get paid commission & bonuses?

Ans. You collect the selling price from customers & pay the marketing price when you enter the order. Scentsy credits your commission on the 10th of each month to your pay porch. This account & a pay card will be delivered by Scentsy when you join.   You will receive your commission & advantage for the total sales you & your squad made during the previous month. (You must sell $500 in the previous month to qualify for the headship bonus).

Q 8:What payment types can I accept from customers? Are there credit card dispensation dues?

Ans. In the U.S. you can accept personal or business orders made owed to you, cash or credit/debit cards (American Express, Visa, Discover, Master Card). Advisors do not pay credit card processing fees.

Q 9:Do I have to pay for all of the rewards a host gets for having a party?

Ans. No, Scentsy covers it all. In the event that you don’t utilize all the host prizes there is a $5 have charge charged to help cover shipping costs. So the arrangement is to take the majority of the half off and item credit that is earned, and the $5 expense won’t be charged.

Q 10:Is there training available?

Ans. Absolutely. I’ll train you personally. I’ll ensure you’re prepared for your first party & answer any questions you have after that. We furthermore have also have an isolated team Facebook group and Scentsy also delivers weekly training calls & they sponsor yearly regional meetings & an annual convention (at the end of July).

Scentsy Support Center

If you are getting any issue related you your login or in account activation or you are facing issue with password reset then you can contact directly to Scentsy support center I will provide you their contact details.

Contact through website: Support Center

I hope you have really like my post on Scentsy workstation login guide please if you have any question ask them in comment section I will help you out.

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