How to Record Screen using SCR Screen Recorder Pro Official APK?

Hi! In this guide, I will teach you how to use SCR Screen Recorder Pro and also you can download its official APK link in this guide. So let go into details!

SCR Screen Recorder Pro

SCR Pro do policy violation and Google Play™ take it down from his marketplace, I will explain why they take it down in end of this post.

So now SCR Recorder Pro no longer available on google play store, but I will provide you its official links with updated versions and good new is that they made changes in SCR Recorder what are those changes I will list down all of them!

  • Application have no longer paid version 🙂 So now SCR Recorder Pro is free for everyone.
  • No ads in application
  • No Time limits
  • Much More!

SCR Screen Recorder Pro

Let me tell you that SCR Recorder Pro is one of the Android most comprehensive application that we can use for screen recording. It supports almost every version of android and work flawlessly. Best part is that they launched their first release in early 2013 and SCR pro got regular updates with new features when it’s get older and older. I will list down some unique feature in today’s guide.

Unique features

SYSTEM AUDIO (requires root)

This feature is really unique and it allows you to directly record in-game audio with microphone recording without loss of quality. So you can add commentary with game sound without losing any quality and lag on game. But this feature is currently not available on android 4.2 but they said they are working on it and it will be added soon.


If you want to share your emotions you can add front-facing camera to your video. Best part is you can move camera overlay on your screen, so that it will not obstruct important details.


You know other free application put ads but SCR come with no ads! they said that development of his applications is supported on donations. If you want to support his work you can make a simple 5$ donation!


If you want to select preset setting it will work and get the job done easily and quickly, but if you want to do customization then no big deal you can setting according to your need.

SCR Alpha Testing

You can join SCR Alpha Testing Community on google for new updates and also visit my post in future I will update it regularly when new update come.

Why google play banned SCR screen recorder?

They banned it because of the recent google play raid on different application those are switching SELinux to permissive mode. Developer said that he have not get any warning from google so that he can remove that feature. Now you are thinking about SElinux is it harmful or not I will provide you more detail about SELinux for better understanding.

SELinux details

” SCR Root switches SELinux to Permissive mode when it’s running and restores it to the initial value after it’s turned off. On most KK+ devices some SCR features won’t work without disabling SELinux. Mainly the internal audio recording. If you’d prefer to try using SCR in SELinux enforcing mode let me know (state your Android version and why you need SELinux enabled during recording) and I may make this and option in SCR Settings. ” – iwobanas

Official Threat

You can find our more details about SCR Screen Recorder from it official threat and you can ask direct question in his thread where you can get answer in 2 to 3 working days. You can also find out official download links on his main thread.

How to use SCR Screen Recorder Pro

First step you have to download SCR Pro, all official download links are given below:

Download Links


You can download any version (latest version is 1.0.5) that you want so let me explain how you can use it with pictures.

Method: How to Install

Once you have that file in your android go to setting then find security option open it and then find unknown sources and check that option to allow installation.

Install SCR recorderInstall SCR recorder PRO


Click on Install

Now you have successfully install your screen should look like below picture click on red sign it will start recording. then you are good to go 🙂


If you are looking for no rooted applications that are also used for screen recording please check my older post. – Best Screen Recorder For Android

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