Squarespace vs WordPress – Which one is better?

Today we will discuss Squarespace vs WordPress using different comparisons because when I was reviewing Squarespace to know more about it, I got allot of question from different peoples they wonder whether to use WordPress or Squarespace, so I come up with an idea to write post about WordPress vs Squarespace to give them right direction which one work best for them!

I will try my best to cover everything and make it easy for you so that you will select any platform that fulfills your needs and work best for you. Its all depend on needs, but I have to clear some main points that will help you to make a decision quickly.

So let me give an explanation on disadvantages and advantages for WordPress as well as for Squarespace so that you can select that fulfill your needs, So Here is my WordPress and Squarespace comparison.

squarespace vs wordpress Which one is best for you?

User Interface Comparison

When we talk about design and interface then Squarespace have awesome interface I like it, and WordPress also have nice user interface but not better than Squarespace, but the main thing is how easy to use they are, both have easy to use interface. You know the main difference are based on their function and capabilities, I will cover as much as I can in this post.

First, let’s talk about Squarespace, In Squarespace, you can find everything that you need to make a blog or website. You can create blog posts, pages, and much more all in a pleasant and elegant interface. The best part is that fonts are spacing is great, it look good no matter where you are reading.

wordpress interface

WordPress interface for admin panel

If we talk about WordPress in the same scenario then we can say WordPress also have good interface but not as good as Squarespace have because Squarespace have really stunning interface I am impressed with their work, WordPress lack little behind in interface but it allow you to modify everything that you want to be modified in your blog, in simple words it allow you to modify your code if you want to make changes in your theme or plugin to make your site more user friendly.

It depends that what kind of functionality you want and how deep you want to go into the design of your website. We all know that WordPress is best CMS nowadays and give us every functionality that we want on our website even if we don’t know how to code, we can make a good looking website in WordPress.

Squarespace also allow you to make a blog or website even if you don’t know how to code, best thing I found in Squarespace is its interface, that is better than WordPress.

squarespace interface

Squarespace interface for admin panel

Templates and Design Comparison

Now let’s talk about templates and design, when you make an account on Squarespace you will get allot of templates, you can pick anyone that fulfills your needs to make a decent website. It has different categories including Blogs, Portfolios, Photography, and Businesses.

Let me be honest with you that Squarespace doesn’t have allot of thing that WordPress give us, for example, it doesn’t have templates to make news websites, and if we want to make changes in the code we can do that easily from WordPress but in Squarespace just simply forget about it.

In February 2013 Squarespace became Ecommerce compatible one of the best update that Squarespace is missing.

If we take a look on WordPress on design and templates, then WordPress have allot of templates mostly are free some of them are paid, it really depend which one we select to fulfill our needs.

I will recommend you to use paid theme on wordpress because paid themes get decent about of updates on regular basis and also give you more elegant design.

It’s a draw between wordpress and squarespace when we compare them with respect to design and template, WHY?

You know that squarespace have small number of options when we compare it with wordpress but most of them are outstanding for example Squarespace SEO is amazing and also they have really fast server that help in SEO.

With WordPress, you have allot of options to decide which one work best for you, so main point is wordpress give you more than your expectation.

squarespace templates, squarespace design

Prices Comparison Between WordPress and Squarespace

When we are creating any website or blog how much it cost us, become an important factor.

Mostly, if you’re just starting your blog or business, then you are going to make small investment in start to get good return on investment in future.

Squarespace currently offers two different plans, you can find more details about their pricing on their official site.

Let’s take an example: you go with personal plan on squarespace that cost you 12$ per month if you pay annually or 16$ if you pay month to month.

So it will cost you: 144$ / year with personal plan

If you go with business plan then it will cost you: 216$ / Year

squarespace pricing

Now let’s compare it with wordpress you will get hosting from hostgator or godaddy i prefer hostgator it will cost you for single site 36$/ year and for unlimited site 59.4$/ year we will go with unlimited site that is baby plan current on 50% discount. You can get paid theme for wordpress in 30-60$ easily so it is one time payment but i will add it in total cost, so total cost become for wordpress using baby plan plus paid theme : 119.4$/ year

hosting plan for godaddy

So in end wordpress win this round but keep in mind till now we have not added any paid plugin i already told you that it depend on your needs but comparing both i can make a guess that wordpress is cheaper than squarespace.

Traffic Statistics for Squarespace vs WordPress

In wordpress it is easy to integrate all of you statistical codes for example if you want to add google analytics in your wordpress site you can add plugin to get the work done or you can simply paste google analytic code in header and you are good to go, so wordpress is handy.

In wordpress you can find jetpack plugin that can give us decent statistic about our website and  jetpack is compatible with every theme, but right now i am using statistics plugin for wordpress to get visitor and pageview on my dashboard.

wordpress statistics

Now let’s talk about squarespace, in squarespace we have built in statistic panel same as if we use jet pack or statistics plugin that i am using right now and it provide decent amount of information. Great news is if you want more detailed information or stats what visitors are doing on your site then you can add google analytic code in your squarspace website and you are good to go.

squarespace statistics

squarespace statistics

squarespace statistics

Functionality and Plugin Comparison

Ahan! this is what that make big difference between squarespace and wordpress we all know that if we want to add some new functionality in our website we just go to wordpress repository and with some clicks we will add new plugin to full fill our needs. If you have any issue in wordpress and can’t find solutions for that problem then please visit this page and then post your question someone will help you or rise your question in comment section.

Plugins play very important role in functionality because we can add what we need and we can easily remove what we don’t need because its help in site speed that is SEO factor now a days. Currently i suggest you if you are wordpress user please remove extra plugins that effect your site speed maximum  add around 15-20 plugins in your wordpress site.

wordpress plugin

In Squarespace there is no concept of plugin maybe in future they will add, i will keep you inform if any update come, till now they don’t have this functionality in their CMS, Once Again wordpress is winner!

Monetization – Squarespace vs WordPress

Those who just start new blog or website, they are really interested in making money from their site using different monetization platform so let’s get into the details of both CMS with respect to monetization.

With WordPress, If you want to add Adsense code you can do that in just matter of some click and in simple words you can put advertising script and banners ads wherever you want in your website without any doubt.

In squarespace you can also add ads, banners and AdSense code by using 3 method that i have mention below:

  • Content
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Design

For more details please visit official forum of Squarespace or rise your comment in comment section so I can help you out related to monetization in Squarespace.

Squarespace vs WordPress – Mobile Responsiveness

You know why i have added this in my list of comparison between wordpress and squarespace because in 2016 google clearly said that mobile responsiveness is now seo ranking factor. So it is really important to have a mobile responsive website in order to gain more traffic from search engines.

Lets talk about wordpress first, in wordpress there are allot of themes some of them are paid and some of them are free so which one we choose as i told earlier never use free and nulled theme with wordpress they are totally crap thats why i have added theme cost in my price comparison so i will suggest you to go with paid theme and currently almost 99% paid theme have mobile responsiveness.

Currently i am using sahifa theme on my wordpress site and it is mobile responsive.

wordpress mobile responsiveness

Now let’s talk about squarespace, they also give you mobile responsiveness so it’s a tie between wordpress and squarespace. Squarespace give you mobile responsiveness in both packages personal and business. So it’s tie here!

Some FAQ about Squarespace

1. Squarespace allow us to monetized through affiliate links or ads?

Yes, you can monetize your site on Squarespace no big deal and if you need any help related to that I can help you just rise you question in comment section.

2. If i want to move my current blog can i move my blog or site to squarespace?

Yes, you can move your website from wordpress or blogger to squarespace without any doubt, because they allow you to import data and also give you an options to export data if you decide to come back to your older CMS. I will suggest you two things that you have to do before moving first thing is to make sure that you don’t loss link structure if you loss make 301 redirect for all your url so you will not lose your seo ranking. Second thing is that always make a backup.

Bonus Video – How you can make website in squarespace!

In this video you can learn how you can make a website in squarespace, i really found it informative so i thought i will share it in end of my comparison post if someone want to go with squarespace then this will help you out because i also learn allot from this video.


I am using wordpress from a long time recently i also make an account on squarespace to test it out and i found that squarespace is also good, i will recommend you to give it a try.

According to me, wordpress is winner!

So what you think? please tell me your opinions about squarespace vs wordpress. If you have any issue with wordpress or squarespace please contact me or rise your question in comment section i will get back to you.


Aug 2016 squarespace update:

The New Squarespace Local Development Server – Read More on their official website

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