Strategic marketing versus operational marketing

While strategic marketing forces us to reflect on the values of the company, find out where we are and where we want to go, operational marketing invites us to implement the precise tools of the marketing mix to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves. It is incumbent. Therefore, the operational or tactical marketing plan, implement and control the actions of strategic marketing directions.

strategic marketing

Many companies and managers still do not have clear this distinction and consider doing just an advertising campaign to achieve the annual targets are already working with a marketing strategy.

What they are doing is working with a tool operating, marketing valid, yes, but have stopped to reflect on the values that will stand out from the competition. In short, we can say that strategic marketing is essential so that the company can not only survive but its market position in a special place.

To do this, the variables to be considered in a strategic marketing plan are, among others:

  • Market segmentation.
  • Market selection.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Surrounding analysis.
  • Marketing audit.
  • Value positioning.
  • Etc.

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