The Fastest Bowl Bowled By An Indian Cricketer

England was once considered the home of cricket; in fact, cricket started in England but with the passage of time, India emerged as the largest cricket playing country, by all aspects. Additionally, it generates the highest amount of revenue in Cricket, amongst all cricket playing nations.

Perhaps the most mesmerizing segment of cricket is the fast bowling. Again, India has produced very high-quality fast bowlers, especially in the recent past years. It produces high-quality batsmen and bowlers, consistently, it has won the ICC ODI world cup twice and has the largest cricket viewership in the world.


Top Ranked Fastest Indian Bowlers

Let us know about the renowned fastest bowlers of Indian cricket who proved themselves to be amongst top fast bowlers of Indian cricket history.

  • Ashish Nehra

Ashish Nehra remained a vital part of Indian cricket team over the years. During his time, he was considered the fastest bowlers in Indian cricket. Throughout his career, he regularly throws the ball at the velocity of 145 Kmph.

However, he bowled the fasted ball in 2003 ICC ODI world cup event, when he bowled at the velocity of 149.5 kmph (92.89 mph). He then bettered his own record by balling at the velocity of 149.7 kmph (93.01 mph) against Zimbabwe, in South Africa.

  • Umesh Yadav

A young promising fastballer of Indian cricket, Umesh is accepted as the most consistent fastballer, when it is about velocity. He has developed into a fastballer who can regularly throw the ball at the velocity of touching the 150 kmph (93.2 mph) mark.

yadav bowling

The fasted ball, balled by Umesh Yadav is registered at the speed of 152.2 kmph (94.57 mph). This was recorded in Sri Lanka during a recent ODI series. Umesh is a wonderful fastballer and we can still expect him to further improve his record.

  • Varun Aaron

Varun Aaron holds the Indian Record of the fasted baller in Domestic Cricket. He is famous for the title of “speedster” in domestic cricket of India. During a domestic Indian Cricket event, the Ranji Trophy, Varun Aaron balled the fastest balls in domestic cricket and was named as the “speedster”.

However, his fastest ball in the cricket was against Sri Lanka, when he bowled with the velocity of 152.5 kmph (94.76 mph) in the ODI series of 2014. By doing so, he has become the third fastest bowler of Indian Cricket, when it is about the speed.

  • Ishant Sharma

The tallest ever fast bowler of India, Ishant Sharma holds the place of 2nd fastest bowler India has ever produced. He has consistently bowled in International matches in the range of 150 plus kmph. His fastest ball was, however, recorded at the Adelaide Oval, in Australia, against Australia, when he bowled at the velocity of 94.8 mph or 152.6 kmph. This was done during the 2008 series in Australia

  • Javagal Srinath

But for the fastest ever baller in India, we will have to go back a little. This happened during the ICC ODI World Cup in 1999. During this World Cup event, he balled the fastest ball for India at the speed of 154.5 kmph (96 mph). He still holds this record for India. By the way, this was also the 2nd fastest ball, balled by any fastballer, during the World Cup 1999; the fastest being one balled by Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan.

Fastest Bowlers In Entire Cricketing World

Despite all that glory, Indian Cricket has experienced through its most successful and popular fastballers, the fact is, no Indian Fast Baller has ever appeared in the list of Top Ten Fastest Ballers of the Cricket World.  Given below is the latest Top Ten List of Fastest Ballers in the cricket history.

  • Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan holds the top position in this list with a velocity of 161.3 kmph or 100.22 mph.
  • Brett Lee of Australia is considered as the second fast bowler pitching with the velocity of 161.2 kmph or 100.16 mph.
  • Shaun Tait of Australia stands at # 3 position with his fastest bowl, bowled at the velocity of 161.1 kmph or 100.10 mph.
  • Jeffery Thompson, another Australian Fast Bowler, with the velocity of 160.6 kmph or 99.79 mph, holds the 4th position.
  • Andy Roberts of West Indies is at # 5 with the velocity of 159.5 kmph (99.10 mph).
  • Fidel Edwards, is also an Indian Fast Bowler belonged to West India is ranked 6th in fast bowlers list. He bowled at the velocity of 157.7 kmph (97.99 mph).
  • Mitchel Johnson, yet another Australian fast bowler, holding the 7th position with a velocity of 156.8 kmph (97.43 mph).
  • Muhammad Sami of Pakistan is at the 8th position with a velocity of 156.4 kmph (97.18 mph).
  • Shane Bond of New Zealand holds 9th position in the list of fastest bowlers of the world. He bowled at the velocity of 156.3 kmph (97.12 mph).
  • Dale Steyn of South Africa has been registered as the 10th ever fastest bowler with the velocity of 156.2 kmph (97.05 mph).



Let us hope that the new generation of Indian fast bowlers will definitely beat the above records to get a better position on the list of fastest bowlers of cricketing world.

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