The Marketing mix

The Marketing Mix Definition

The marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the company uses to achieve its marketing objectives in the targeted market.

This mixture is also known as the 4ps. – ie: product, price, place and promotion.

We can define marketing mix by extending above definition, Product: Solution for the customer, information, entertainment, content. Price: Cost to customer usability blog, the length of articles, upload speed, refresh rate, etc. Usually, there is a time cost and comfort. Plaza: Convenience, where is published the blog, name address, etc. Promotion:  Communication content, knowledge of the blog The idea is to meet the needs of readers economically, comfortable and effective communication.

Marketing Mix Modeling

marketing mix model

What is the Marketing Mix

Marketers use a variety of tools to achieve the goals we have set ourselves through combination or mixture ( mix ).

Therefore, we can define it as the selective use of different marketing variables to achieve business goals. It was McCarthy who in the mid-twentieth century, called it the theory of “four Ps” because it uses four variables, whose initials in English starting with ‘p’:

4ps of marketing mix

  • Product → Product
  • Place → Distribution – Sale
  • Promotion → Promotion
  • Price → Price

On the combination and classification of these four variables in the business decision rotate some authors entire marketing strategy within the company. In our opinion, there are other variables that also mark marketing activity within the company. Think for a moment to what extent can vary the pricing of a product, if studies and competitive analysis, type of existing market and even the socio-economic environment are taken into consideration; therefore, we can say that the success of a company is given by the perfect knowledge and analysis of the different elements of marketing that affect their activity, and that through the implementation of the marketing plan will achieve the objectives.


The marketing mix is the strategic and most important element in marketing constituted by the classification of the 4P to develop endless marketing plans, according to technological progress which creates new horizons for business.The company and marketing managers have the final decision to use market strategy best suited to meeting their goals. Therefore one should not forget that the main function of the marketing mix is to satisfy the needs and desires of the targeted market by delivering a product or service in exchange for a utility company.

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