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Assuming its interdisciplinary nature, we must say that the term marketing of Anglo-Saxon origin first used in EE. UU. Early last century, specifically was in 1910 when the University of Wisconsin came to a course called “marketing methods” taught by Butler.

In our country, it was in the 60-70s of the last century when it began to be managed at the enterprise level, mainly due to the emergence of multinationals, but has had to spend half a century in the business and the universities begin to ingrain the benefits of acting from a strategic marketing perspective.

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Many authors have given their definition of marketing, but should first differentiate whether we are referring to his philosophical concept or its business acceptance.

Philosophically, the marketing starts at that stage in history where the man was to make trade-offs to meet their needs and increase welfare. Since then, and as with most ideas, their evolution has been inextricably linked to social and economic development.

The industrial revolution, the creation of large urban and commercial centers, specialization at work and new technologies, make it have created a market where supply and demand marketing must seek the satisfaction of the consumer.

In my profession, I have been forced more than once to comment that from a philosophical point of view, marketing is the “logic structured and methodized” since at all times is to act with the least common sense of all which is the “common sense.”

At a company level, we see that it is an activity that has as its primary purpose and ultimate achievement of the objectives. Based on this view, the marketing comprises a series of interrelated activities, aimed not only to meet the market demand but to meet the objectives set by the company and tools.

With the aim of further dose the term and the reader delve into the exciting world of business marketing, indicated below the definitions given by the most renowned authors:

  • “Marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others” (P. Kotler).
  • “Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing relationships with them in a way that benefits the organization and its stakeholders ” (American Marketing Association, AMA).
  • “The marketing aims to know and understand so well the consumer that the product is perfectly fit your needs” (P. Drucker).
  • “Marketing is the action of the whole enterprise, directed towards the customer with the goal of profitability” (Goldmann).
  • “Marketing is the set of technical and human activities undertaken by companies trying to give satisfactory answers market demands” (R. Muniz).

To close this section on knowledge of marketing, I considered include a split within the marketing itself: internal marketing is the one who takes and runs within the company itself for good service given to customers, and external marketing who it is given to the market. It would be absurd and uneconomical to have a great product portfolio, and internal customer or worker was not well prepared and motivated to offer them.

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