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President of South Korea is optimistic about to end Korean War

South Korea President says its just a matter of time before North Korea and the US declared an end to their state of war. The war finished in 1953 with a truce but a peace bargain that never marked.
President of South Korea also says that there could be more political bumps and bruises. As if he attempts to convince Kim Jong-un to surrender his atomic weapons.
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Mr Moon also says that he hoped European leaders will help him to mediate between President Trump and Mr KimPresident Moon met Mr Kim three times this year and acted as a mediator between both Mr Trump and Mr Kim.

How this war could be ended?

President Moon says he also has discussions with Mr Trump and other US officials about the end of the war. He says ‘If North Korea takes certain measures, the declaration the end of the war will be a political statement.
That will announce the end of longstanding hostile relations between Washington and Pyongyang. President Moon said he wants to happen this at the earliest possible date. And also believes that there is a shared understanding between Seoul and Washington regarding this view.
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Last month, Mr Moon become the first South Korean leader to give a speech to the people of North Korea. During his trip to Pyongyang, he Spoke at the Arirang Games which is a major event and received the standing ovation.
President Moon told in the interview that he become a South Korean President to help to prevent war from returning to a peninsula. He says that he actually felt the pain of separation and war.

What is the State of negotiations?

There have been ups and down in a meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Kim in Singapore. In September, President Moon went to the capital of North Korea to reinvigorate the stalled negotiations.
The head of a North Korean army and South Korea’s defense minister signed an agreement to reduce military tensions.

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