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Stars slam Kanye west gathering with President Trump

Following President Trump and Kayne West on Thursday in which the rapper covered everything. From Superman, the thirteenth and Second changes to North Korea.
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On the other side, Celebrities voice their distaste on Twitter with Kanye West’s visit to the White House. An American actress Chelsea Handler tweeted that Kanye West says he thinks of Mr Trump as a father.

Comments of different actors

Another actor criticized the timing of a lunch. He says ‘It’s great to realize that Florida is destroying by storm and the dow is s—tting the bed’. He says that US ally decapitated a journalist that our leader is having world’s s—dest lunch with Kanye West.
On the other hand, Actress Chelsea Peretti answered to a photo of Kayne West hugging President Trump. She calls it ‘hell on earth’.
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According to the source, American comedian Billy Eichner responded by taking a swipe at CBS former CEO. He says ‘it may be not useful for America but it’s damn good for Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)’.

Kanye West response during Trump meeting

On Thursday, Kanye West started the much-anticipated sit down by praising Mr Trump’s effort in North Korea. He says ‘On the very first moment you solved one of Obama’s greatest troubles. We tackled one of the most concerning issues.
He discusses the lack of support he received from his Hollywood companions with regards to his support of the president.
Kanye West says that ‘They attempted to startle me to not wear this cap’ which is referring to ‘Make America Great Again’. West says to President Trump that when I put this hat on, it made me feel like a Superman.
West talked on many topics in a rambling dialogue which includes bringing manufacturing to the country. And about his personal business deals and about the 13th Amendment.

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