Is vshare safe and legal to use? – vshare review

By using vshare peoples can get paid apps for free, allot of peoples are curious about vshare that is vshare safe and legal to use?.

Let’s talk about vshare is it legal or safe to use because a lot of peoples on forums, Q&A sites and blogs are talking about v share they want to know that vshare is legal and safe if they use it. I will cover every question about vshare in today’s post to tell you the real truth about vshare.

What is vshare

To give you a quick idea about vshare, it works same as official apple store work. However, the main difference between vshare and apple store is that you can get paid apps on vshare free of charge but on apple store, you have to pay to get access to any paid application.

Vshare is basically, give you an access to popular paid application that you are interested in having it on your iphone. I think now you got a clear idea about vshare now later on in this post I will clear that is it legal to use vshare or not.



Is VShare Safe to Use?

VShare confirms on their official website that whenever someone uploads new application on vshare servers then it have to go through from different tests some are automatic and some of them are manual.

Let’s take an example here: If you upload a new app on vshare then they will check it using automatic virus scanning if your application bypass that then it will be going to test by their team members manually if they found anything that looks suspicious they will not publish it on their servers.

Till now I tell you about applications that people’s submit to vshare as far as its looks safe but here is the new question is vshare itself safe or not?

Vshare itself is safe because I did a lot of different test on their application I don’t found anything that looks suspicious, if you have a solid answer to contradict my statement then please post it in the comment section I will update my post.

Vshare is legal or illegal?

Let me tell you that chances of vshare being legal are very low, why and how I will explain everything in this post.

Consider this fact that vshare give you access of paid apps for free to cost is it sound legal? I don’t think so let me explain it with an example if you create a mobile app and upload it to the apple store. Your application has pro features that will be unlocked when someone buys it but in case if someone gets those features using vshare what you are going to do you can sue those who are using your application illegal because you own right for your application so it up to you to give pro feature for free.

Please read more about Law 🙂

I just give above example to give you a clear idea about whatever you download from vshare is totally illegal, developers will take action against you whenever they want, so please stay away from vshare it is my recommendation.

I will give you one more example of most popular application “Minecraft” that is currently paid application on apple store.

You know who own Minecraft, it is own my Mojang. If you want to download it from apple store or google store it will cost you $7 and by using vshare you can get this application for free of charge. Now just think that Mojang who own Minecraft will allow someone to use his work for free or can he allow vshare to distribute his work for free of cost, an answer will be No, not at all then everything is clear that vshare is totally illegal.

Till now, apple has not done any announcement about vshare it legal or not, I will update this post if they did any announcement about vshare so check back after some time for new updates.

Keep this thing in mind vshare is safe to use it does not means that it is legal to use so if you have installed this application or download it from their official website then go ahead uninstall it.

Remove vshare from your phone and semi JB App

If you have download vshare from their official site then how you can remove it after reading this post I will cover that in this section you can watch given video.

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