Best Work Out Accessories For Beginners

Exercise, the key to your fitness, must be an essential part of daily routine for everyone, no matter, young or old. So, if you have not made it your daily routine yet; start it right now. You may do it in a gym, outdoor or even at your home. But some preparation is must prior to your workout. Selection of right type of accessories for starting a workout is very important.


Accessories make your work out easier for you as well as provide more fun while exercising. There are so many kits available in the market for different workouts but you have to select what is the best according to your requirements. For each sport, there are different accessories. Let us guide you about the best workout accessories for beginners.

Essential Items For Your Workout Bag (For Gym and Outdoor)

Preparing your workout bag, before you start going to gym, is something very special for the beginners. It is quite thrilling for a passionate beginner. Make sure to have following items in your very first workout bag.

  • One water bottle, that should be well covered and must be hygienic.
  • Pack of nuts, which are helpful for providing instant energy and protein as well.
  • Some good quality and medically recommended energy drink.
  • Anti-Irritant lotion – to protect you from scratches caused by friction of clothes.
  • Antiseptic lotion – is very useful for instant precaution against possible infection due to an injury.
  • Wrist/joints bands and wrapping to protect your wrists, knees, ankle and elbows. If you have a known vulnerability against a possible joint injury; selection of good quality wraps and bands needs utmost care and vigilance.
  • Well fitted shoes, selected per your type of feet and a pair of socks (with seamless toes).
  • An extra pair of shower shoes.
  • If you have relatively long hair, you must have a headband in your bag as well, to protect your eyes. It has an added benefit of absorbing sweat as well.
  • Gloves, especially if you have to lift weight or any such exercise that may cause sores.
  • In case you are going to work out in open sun or outdoor, you must have sunscreen, a hat and polarized sunglasses (to protect your eyes from sun glare).
  • If you are planning on running outdoors, a camelback type of water bottle must be in your bag. You may prefer a bottle that comes with a direct drinking tube.
  • For long outdoor workouts, you may also need a salt supplement, that comes in shape of tablets. But never forget to take your physician’s advice before purchasing such tablets.

Apps And Technical Accessories And Devices

In older days, people used to track and monitor their workouts, manually. Nowadays, there are several devices and applications which provide you correct data of your workouts. Such devices are helpful to provide you data about your body response that ultimately help you plan best possible work out for you.

workout apps and devices

Android-based apps (which can be used with your mobile phone) and various types of digital watches are available in the market, through which you can schedule your work out intervals and rest timings. You can select one best branded digital watch such as Casio etc.

These watches are also capable of tracking your heart beat. The watches, with a facility of GPS, also monitor your speed and distance covered by you while running or walking. Calories expenditure count is yet another common feature of such digital watches.

Are You A Music Lover?

If so, you may also carry a small/portable music player. However, selection of earbuds is very important; these should be well fitted, otherwise, these will fall while running. Your smartphone can also be a good source for listening music while working out.

Best Workout Equipment For Exercising At Home

If you plan to start work out at home, never invest too much in the beginning. Try to start with minimum possible equipment and then you can build up, as you progress.

However, basic requirements for home gym are:

Dumbbells – Should be small and adjustable

Yoga Mat – In addition to Yoga, it is also helpful for stretching and warming up

Elastic Bands – can be selected from a wide range available in the market, per your requirement. These are helpful for warming up and protection against injuries. Also, used to strengthen muscles

Stability Ball – available with a wide range of sizes; select one according to your height. Most useful in case of ab workouts.

stability ball

Foam Roller / Massage – Specifically used to work out with soft muscle tissues and stretch-outs. Helpful to remove knots and enhance mobility. Alternately you can also use lacrosse ball if you cannot afford foam roller.

Hula Hoop – A very useful item to work out on your core. Additionally, it has a utility as fun, as well. Also, available in folding type

Jumping Rope – Simple rope or if you can afford, purchase one with bearings, which provides greater speed.

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