Georgia Father: 11 year old Daughter died during Hurricane Michael

One more death during Hurricane Michael as described by Georgia father. What is more horrible news for any father then child death news? On Thursday Georgia father received a phone call that his daughter suffered a fatal injury because of the hurricane.

A young 11-year-old girl was struck by a carport in her head which was blown into their modular home. According to the authorities, hurricane lifted the portable structure high and then slammed it down on the house.

Hurricane Michael cause Daughter Death

When girl struck by one of the legs ripped through the roof, she hardly struggled to breathe for 45 minutes. Roy Radney 37 years old father said that night was hell. I was just an hour and a quarter away when his daughter was dying and he couldn’t do anything, he added.

Hurricane Michael cause Daughter Death

The worst thing was those first responders were also not at the time even reach at midnight after six hours of the accident. Radney said there was no chance for Sarah survival as crews cleared a path covered by trees, poles and power lines which took a lot of time.

Sarah’s brother and grandmother saw the whole accident, grandmother was on the couch next to Sarah. Radney’s father assured the family that home could withstand winds of up to 150mph.

He was outside when received a call that something from the roof hits Sarah and her mother, and after some time they confirmed Sarah death.

Hurricane Michael

Sarah and her brother stayed at their grandparents’ house since Monday and they supposed to return home Thursday morning.

Sarah’s stepmother said she was so beautiful and on that day she also smiled so much, she further said that Sarah litup everything.

Everyone in the house is in great sorrow as they lost Sarah who was also one of the reason of happiness for everyone. Her father said it would be pretty dark without her and this life now looks like hell for me.

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