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North Korea says hack suspect does not exist

North Korea has said that the man, US charged in 2014 with hacking Sony Pictures, does not exist. Also, North Korea warned the US that its allegation could affect negatively the relations between the two countries.

On September 6, the US Justice Department charged Park Jin-hyok with plotting in several destructive cyber-attacks worldwide. These attacks include the attack on Sony Pictures in 2014.

North Korea
source: www.zdnet.com

Allegedly, he created the vicious software used to cripple the National Health Service of UK in 2017. The US Treasury Department has also added Mr. Park to its list of sanctioned individuals.

Mr. Park is allegedly associated with Lab 110 which is one of the hacking organizations of the North Korean government. It is also known as the Lazarus Group.

Response Of North Korea

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea published a commentary by state news agency KCNA. They called the sanctioning of Mr. Park, a wicked slander. Also, another slander campaign full of falsehood and fabrication designed to undermine North Korea.

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source: www.japantimes.co.jp

The KCNA commentary said that Mr. Park is a not an existent entity. Furthermore, the act of cyber crimes declared by the Justice Department has nothing to do with them.

It said that the US was deceiving the public opinion by forcibly relating to the offender that does not exist. And his so-called cyber crimes with their state organs.

They also said that the sanctioning of Korea Expo Joint Venture Company is a farce that US treasury kicked up.

The commentary went on to say that America should ponder seriously over the negative consequences of circulating rumors.

Particularly, in the light of the North Korea-US joint statement following the Trump-Kim summit this year in June. Which was meant to generate mutual confidence between the two countries.

North Korea has claimed that Mr. Park does not exist but the FBI has spread a wanted poster with a photograph of the man.

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