Problems and questions of teenagers about normality

Every teenager has issues about identity. They search for their satisfaction of needs. Many girls and boys think about normality.

They might face many issues and questions about normality. The teenagers asked to their own self that either they are normal or not.

teenager and help for support

You can also face many problems in teenage. Many people need support and motivation which encourages them to become strong for a good life.

Teenagers need negotiation. Mee Two has introduced as an app that can help you to cope with teenage problems. So can cope with many problems behind the screen.

A teenage girl or boy can ask questions on the app from experts and the students of psychology. The experts and psychology students can solve many issues of girls and boys.

They give them advises of coping with stress and anxiety. The experts also share ways to cope with depression and anxiety.

Suzi Godson said that issues can change with the passage of time. People can face problems with their family at any event.

They can also face personal issues at a specific time. There are 5000 people who have shared their issues in August.

teenager depressed

Suzi said that family problems can also cause a mass of issues in girls and boys. Girls and boys can find their mother with another person on the bed in the room.

They may face abuse and severe anxiety in school or any institute. These teenagers can also face bullying from society.

Many middle-class girls and boys can suffer the inferiority complex. So all these problems started in the teenage. It is the age where people can show a sudden emotional reaction.

Some child may be abused by their siblings or parents. Depressed people can use  [email protected] email for the help.

The children can also call on 0800 1111. Young people can call on 0808 808 4994 for help and support.

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