Seven years old girl died when her hood seized in the door handle

A seven years old girl Kimora Zondo died when her hood seized in the door. This shocking incident has reported on Claude Road in the home of Kimora.

Investigation reports also reveal that the hood of the girl has grasped in the handle of the door. Her mother told her nine-year brother that Kimora is not sleeping.

Girl died from seized hood at Claude Road, Cardiff

According to her mother, she was professing to sleep rather than awake.

Nadim Bashir is the Assistant. He also said that there is no correct information about the death of Kimora that how she apprehend in the door.

Hearing of Kimora’s death occurs at Pontypridd. The Assistant said that he have estimated the culmination of shocking death.

The little girl had come back from school and changed her uniform in March. She has worn a pink hoodie.

Vonnie Dube is the mother of Kimora and she was sleeping at that time. After awaken she asked from Kimora’s nine-year-old brother that where is your sister.

Mrs.Dube also said that her son has thrust the heavy door to find his sister. When they found Kimora she did not respond to them.

The mother called the ambulance in the emergency. She died after reaching in the hospital. Police have taken investigation from Kimora’s brother about her death.

Brother of Kimora also reveals that her mom said to call Kimora and he found her hanging with the pink hoodie. He said that she was seized in the hoodie with the door.

 Claude Road, Cardiff

After this, he has taken the hoodie and place her little sister on the carpet where her mother touches her and try to awake her.

Post-mortem reports reveal that neck of the little girl was repressed. Dr. Richard Jones said that hoodie of Kimora has seized because of the hole. He is a pathologist.

Mr. Bashir reveals that hoodie of Kimora seized in the door and instantly she did not put it off from her head because of the hole.

There is no clear evidence that how she grasp with the door. Dr. Richard also said that he cannot explain anything about her grasping with the door.

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